The bigger the better?

  1. We have discussed in a few threads about the size of the bag and the body size. My view is: although I am 5'0, the bigger the bag the better...however I do love clutches . Anyway, when replying to the thread it made me think B.C.( before coffee) :biggrin: Do you girls feel like the bigger the bag, the more powerful you feel? I guess this is under the assumption that one of the reasons you like designer bags is of the status coming along with it. I know, I feel more confident, and powerful with the bag. However, I admit, I love logos too...I am 21 now and didn't start lovin bags until I was 18 (when I got my first kate spade on vacation in SF..I was in love ever since) Maybe, as I grow older,more mature, more confident etc. it will be a different situation..what do you girls think? Hope this makes sense...I was gettin a little philosophical and even felt a little like carrie bradshaw as I was typing...yea, I'm a dork :biggrin:
  2. i like medium or big bags because they're in a better proportion to my body than tiny bags and because i carry a lot. also, i think it's easier to include more beautiful design details on a big bag than on a small one. i dunno, i don't really like logos. i usually resist bags that have logos on them. i only have one logo bag, and it's a speedy. usually if there's a logo fabric i like, i get a small accessory like a wallet, agenda, wrislet, etc. because fewer people see those and they're less flashy. i do feel more powerful with a beautiful bag, though :biggrin:
  3. Yea, I hear you amanda..I agree with the idea of a small accessory having the logo on it..sometimes that does the trick for me:biggrin: However, I think in particular, if I am having a crappy day, or I don't feel good about myself that day, I like a big ol bag with a big ol logo to take the attention away from me and to my bag..:smile: Oh by the way...amanda have you have posted your purses? from reading some of your other posts it sounds like you have quite the collection, I want to see!!

    I forgot to add in my post..I have this theory that the more pointy the shoe the more powerful one comes across, or one feels... I know that sounds SO ODD and no one will probably agree with that
    ( especially if you don't like pointy shoes)
  4. i've never done a collection post, i feel like my collection is small and i want to wait until it fills out a bit more to make one. i should be doing that in the next few months, so we'll see what happens :smile:

    and i :heart: pointy shoes, i always feel like such a badass in them. i can't explain it.
  5. I like a medium to large bag, but the gigantic ones, no matter how fab, just don't do it for me!
    LOL Amanda! You badass!

  6. I second that! :love:
  7. I think this is a personal preference thing. If you like big bags, carry them. If not, carry a smaller bag. I personally like bigger bags. Not HUGE ones but a little oversized. I never like the feel like I'm stuffing my bag to where the zipper might break. I'd rather have an oversized bag that I know I get my things in. :P
  8. I like big bags mostly because I have to have a big bag to hold all of the stuff that I want to carry with me! Also I'm not tiny like most of the girls here so I also need a bag that doesn't make me look huge or that I am just carrying a wallet on a string. I love being able to have everthing with me, I'm a totaly overpacker, but you never know what you are going to need when you set out for the day. also working for hubby, working for myself and for a charity I end up needin a lot of stuff from day to day. I also like to be able to carry a bottle of water in my bag too.

    Until this year it has been soooo hard to find a big bag and not have to use a tote as the small ones were the popular style for so many year.
  9. I like bigger bags. It makes me feel secure and I will always know there is room for more stuff.
  10. I am so happy to see all the responses...this was such an early morning, spontaneous question...