The BIG sales!

  1. So! I was wondering....just what is on everyone's sale wish list? :girlsigh: What bag(s) are you hoping against hope goes on sale for 30-50% off that you'll snap up in a Jimmy Choo second??

    I find myself getting caught up in the excitement of the sales, but the fact remains that there really isn't anything "must-have" for me out there. I'm SO glad I found the black biker Ring at a great price on Overstock and didn't have to hope that I would get one on sale elsewhere, and know, the burgundy one came up on eBay that I couldn't pass I think I'm all set? :jammin:

    So what about you all? What is it that you covet???? :yes:
  2. I might get the Radiant in the patchwork python if: 1.) it goes 50% off and 2.) Robyn buys one too! That is the only bag that is speaking to me from afar. So, what are the chances? :shrugs: (I put that smiley in there for you, Stinkerbelle)
  3. I might try to get a Maddy. Not sure which color. It's hard to resist 50% off! Or maybe the metallic python Arad. :love:
  4. I would get the Radiant Patchwork Python (only if Jburgh gets one :tup: )

    or a Ayse Metallic shaded python handbag (if it goes on sale for 50% off) , but a new bed would be the smarter choice if I really thought about it :push:
  5. Don't hold me to this but I believe Nordstrom put the python Arad on pre-sale for 40% off.

    I would love a Maddy, Carolina or Radiant. Nordstroms selection isn't that great so I hope the boutiques are better!
  6. Aaaaa, don't think and just slap a patch on it!:okay:

    I'm waiting for the Boutique sales, our Nordstrom just doesn't have a great selection.

    It is strange how the presales happen, at Nordies, though. They won't have the Fendi, Ferragamo or Gucci list until next week. Sometimes I cheat on Jimmy with Salvatore...don't tell him! :graucho:
  7. I would love a Mahala, but I think I will be out of luck.
  8. Luuucy....Ethel....YOU guys are the very reason BonnieC, JMcadon, Samantha and I are in the freaking swamps! Have you NOT heard of calf leather??? :push:
  9. Ladies any clue which bags go on sale?? I'm sooo clueless & am really looking to add a Troy, Rikki or Arad to my collection, I work close to a Choo boutique but would like to have a heads up before I go in. :girlsigh:
  10. Also, do you have better luck with the sales online? I know that I got my Riki from JC online the day of a sale and it was the last one.

    What about Neiman's, Saks, BG it better to stalk them for availability??
  11. I must get a Maddy!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Does anyone know when the sale will start?

    Keep your eyes peeled for me fellow "Choo-ettes":choochoo::choochoo:
    I missed out on the last sale and can't let a bargain pass me buy this time!
  12. I'm hoping that the purple Mahala will go for 50% off. This is the only one that I'm lusting after so far unless there's another colour that takes my breath away.
  13. This sucks. The python mahala is 50% off and they'll only ship it to Europe! WWWWAAAAHAHHHH!
  14. Only shoes for me, I think. I have Clue, Margo and Yukon bookmarked, all in Black. I'll be on the lookout for the sand Maddy in the next sale.
  15. :party:

    Yeah, but haven't you noticed Stinker

    Exotic Skins are IN :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: