The BIG mirrior speedy.

  1. November 15, is just a few days away!
    So you all might have heard this already, but heard today that the mirror speedy is actually the size of a 35!

    Now I am really excited!

    I am number 1 on the list for the silver! :yahoo:
  2. OHH I can't wait!! YEAH!!
  3. thx for sharing!
    cant wait!
  4. I thought it wasn't due out until Dec 1st???
  5. A big shiny 35!
  6. That's what I thought too, but when I checked I was on the waitlist...they said Nov. 15, gave 'em my CC, since I will be in Disneyland!
  7. Whoa! I find that the 35 is too big. Disappointed.

    Thank you for sharing!
  8. Wow! Nov. 15 is really soon. Luckily I just got paid recently so now I know to save up for it. That'll leave my Dec. check for X-mas gifts ( * well, actualyl to pay back for my Speedy! * ) :yes:
  9. Is it really 35? still suppose to be 1150? aww I want to see it irl first.
  10. oooh..a new speedy AND Disneyland? Man, i wish I was you! :smile:

    I miss California like crazy!!! :crybaby:
  11. Thanks for the info.
  12. wow...already!! that's so quick! right after the azur too!! although I don't plan on getting it, sure can't wait to see it IRL!! yay twink! I can't wait for you to get her!
  13. :yahoo: Yippy! I guess I won't have to wait long either. Can't wait to get my silver speedy. LOL I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow:lol:
  14. nice! but i think 35 is a tad too big on me. im too small.
  15. Actually the launch has been pushed back to the 15th of December so you might double with your SA ;)
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