The Big Lebowski - The F*in Short Version

  1. I'll move this to the movie section later. For now, enjoy the F*cking Short Version of The Big Lebowski.

  2. I should warn ya... Strong adult language in that clip.
  3. That's so funny. That's my hubby's favorite movie.
  4. I've never finished the movie from start to end yet but BF and his friends love it.
  5. He he he, makes me want to watch it again! BTW - anyone got the energy to count the number of times the F Bomb is dropped?
  6. Ahh, one of my favorites.
  7. LOL I sent the link to my husband he loves that film.
  8. Imagine this... the "Dude" is exactly like my brother. I am NOT kidding you. :roflmfao:
  9. Haha! That sounds like me when I get hurt!

    I don't normally throw around profanities, but if my parents hear a THUMP followed by a "F:censor: K!" They just ask me what happened.
  10. I went to to find out how many times the F word was used in The Big Lebowski.

    Apparently, it's used 267 times in the entire movie.

    (And I tried counting in the clip . . . I gave up after 30.)
  11. Hey, Vlad? That's f:censor: ing funny!
  12. Hee Hee:roflmfao:
  13. lol
  14. This movie is a repeat rental in our house - too funny! :lol:
  15. One of my favorite movies!!