The BIG D!

  1. I use to live in Dallas.

    I needed to explore and move around. Guess what? I miss IT!!! :crybaby:

    I now have been living for a while in British Columbia. While it is the most spectacular scenic place EVER:drool: , my heart is calling out to Dallas. Anyone able to help me with the top ten reasons why we (my dh and kids) should move back! My dh is a hard sell. HELP ME EVERYONE!!!!:shrugs:
  2. Home is where your heart is! That is the most important reason of all! Good luck!!
  3. Well, Home prices are great in Texas!
  4. We did that too! I realized I was happy here, but DH's job took us elsewhere.
    FINE W/ME!! {or so I thought!}
    It was 3 months into being somehwere else and I was miserable, I made him move us back!

    Depending on where you move back here to the DFW area, here's some great resons why:

    excellent schools
    great housing prices compared to other large metro areas
    centrally located
    decent weather
    no state income tax
    amazing food and shopping
  5. Thanks Swanky! Knowing that you live in Dallas, and how much you like it there, really does give more confirmation for me personally!

    Such a remarkable city!!!!!
  6. LOVE it! DH may get a job in San Fran and even that fantastic city isn't enough to make me wanna move!:p
  7. So you guys may move?:sad:
  8. I moved TO dallas from southern california so I cant really give you any good advice as to why you would want to move back here since I still cant get use to it but we're both in the same boat because I am making my DH move us back to California as soon as he graduates college. Good luck! (And I agree with whoever posted this up, home is where the heart is and if dallas has your heart then that's where u belong!)
  9. Socalgrl- What do you miss about Cali???? Yes, very true-home is where the heart is.
  10. No, we're not moving anytime soon! If he gets this job, they'll want him to, but we'll rent a place there instead ;)

    I agree, home is where the heart is.

    We move a lot, and I didn't grow up in TX, but it's home to me now.
    We're tried San Diego/La Jolla, Tennessee and even back to Okla where I'm from so I could live near my sister adn family. . . I still ached to come back here.
    So I'm not leaving!
  11. ITA with Swanky, I live in DFW also, and you can't beat no state income tax and low housing costs. plus, the schools are nationally ranked, and there's lots of shopping and restaurants, plus we have one of the largest airports in the world and the headquarters for american so flights are cheap and you can get almost anywhere in the country in under 3ish hours. I don't love the summer weather, but the good outweighs the bad.
  12. Swanky,
    Just watch, we'll move back to Dallas and your DH will get transferred to California:crybaby: Always my luck.:sad: That is so neat that you consider Dallas your home.

    Court-Thanks for the post!:idea: and what you said!!!!
  13. Well, I used to live in Denton, which is 45mins from Dallas. And now I live in Grand Forks, ND.

    What I always liked about Dallas was all the shopping, the cultural opportunities, and food choices. I loved that there was a major airport nearby so cheap flights.
  14. My brother and many close friends went to Northwest University, Yeah Denton!!!!:heart: