The Big C on Showtime

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  1. i just did a search for this and i was surprised a thread on this show hasn't been done yet.

    i love this show and i really enjoy the weekly innuendos with laura linney's character, especially knowing that she has terminal cancer and she's just living life in the meantime.

    i also just found out that my brother will be on the upcoming two episodes (oct. 11 and oct. 25) as an extra. i think he plays a teacher. can't wait to see them!

    anybody else watch and enjoy this show?
  2. I have not watched but just read about it. It sounds really good and has a great cast so I will be checking it out for sure!
  3. I LOVE this show
  4. I too love this show!
  5. am i the only one who thinks she should tell her family about her cancer? i guess that's part of the plot and the anticipation, but i was so happy when she finally told sean (her brother), and then when she saw how upset he was, she backed out and told him she was joking.

    thankfully, i have never been in this situation, but i can't imagine not telling my family about it. i guess because she and her husband are separated and maybe because she knows she isn't getting chemo so how would anybody know??? i guess that's a big "what if" on the show. it's just so funny how the ONE person that knows is her crazy neighbor—although i do love her character.

    any thoughts?
  6. ^ I agree she needs to tell and was disappointed in what she did to her brother at the end of this weeks episode.

    I love this show!
  7. I started watching cause I love Laura Linney, but stopped as it was just ehh.

    I tried it but I have to say Gabourey Sidibe ruined it for me. I cant watch her. She may have been good in Precious but she cant act, she ruined this show.
  8. ^^^you really think so? how do you think she ruined it? i think she adds another dimension—i don't know, maybe her teaching life??? i guess for me, i'm glad it's only a 30 minute show as i can't see watching this for an entire hour. but for that little bit of 30 minutes, i enjoy it.
  9. i enjoy it a lot...the first few made me ball my eyes out.
    her interaction with her son and wanting to spend time with him but not really trying to force it.... you know that he will be heart broken when the time comes and she is's so sad

    and then the scene with her and her brother by the river....ohmygoodness :sad::cry::crybaby:

    i also think that she should tell them, but i can understand why she doesn't.
  10. ^^well she cant act first of all...she is cold and kinda robotic to me. I just think she was hired cause of Precious and that she has a good sense of humor in interviews. But it doesnt mean one can act cause they have a sense of humor.

    She needs to get acting classes and come back in a few years.
  11. I like this show, but I can understand why some people don't because it is a little boring.

    But seriously... they can't drag this storyline out forever. Something needs to happen.
  12. I cried like a baby when she told her brother and then I was mad that she said she was joking. I was like u finally got the guts to tell him and not you are taking it back. His reaction was so emotional that when the truth comes out he might flip because I don't think he will believe it again.
  13. I like the show, and it is a bit boring so I DVR it. I do think she needs to tell her family and I still don't understand why she wants to keep her husband in the dark. Why is she married to him if she can't trust or want to be with him through sickness and health. I believe if she were to die they would be very upset in the end, because she didn't tell and they would feel like precious time was wasted.
  14. I just about bawled my eyes out at the end. I was really liking Marlene. Never saw that one coming. I thought Cathy would take care of her and then Marlene would wind up trying to take care of Cathy. So so sad.
  15. me too! I cry every episode, the show is touching and funny, but Marlene, that shocked and saddened me.