the BH jingle

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  1. I noticed yesterday when carrying my BH that it jingles. It's not a bad thing, it's a very soft, sparkly sound. After a little examination, it turns out that it's the clip just inside the top of the bag, bumping against the metal loop it clips onto when I walk. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. yep! All the time!
  3. I notice it as well!
    Also on my Perfo pochette, the lock sounds like a squeaky hinge when I'm walking around in a quiet area lol.
  4. The Frange is probly the "loudest" purse I've ever owned :upsidedown: but I love the sound.
  5. Oooh, I'll bet that one jingles a lot! I love the BH sound too, it's very sweet and soft.
  6. ^it is! it's a little clinkle! LOL!
  7. I heard it when I was at LV. This lady bought that style (BH) and a vernis Roxbury and she was handeling it and you could just hear the little brass pieces clinking together. That is just a fabulous bag!
  8. LOL. Thats so funny. That was my big complaint about that bag. JINGLE JINGLE. I sold it because of that. It drove me nuts. I felt like a cat or something.
  9. LOL!! I love making noise and I love it even more when it's something realllly purtty!! I like that BH and I think I'll add it to my ever growing list!
  10. I usually just leave my open, and I avoid the jingle.
  11. mine's always open and always jingles! {?}
  12. Heheheee Swanky is jingley
  13. LOL!
    I can think of worse things!:P

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