The BF's B-Day is here! Pics of Mage...

  1. Many thanks for the suggestions in an earlier thread last month.

    I actually picked it up Jan.20th but have been hiding it from him and his brothers! (BF's bros will use it too!).
    It's the Damier Geant Mage in Terre. I'm so glad I looked into getting it when I did. My usual store had him waitlisted and it's not part of their usual stock. I decided to phone Sue (SA) at the LV store in Banff.

    Back when I first started "hunting" for it, Sue told me that the Mage in Sable (colour that LATINMALEMODEL I believe has) was discontinued, and the Mage in Terre was sold out everywhere in Canada!

    A week later, I had something to pick up @ Holt! I have have to say that this is stunning for a "M-urse"! I love how the colour seems to be different in different lighting. (Kinda like our vernis, ladies!) Plus, look at all the goodies it has inside it!

    It already has pockets and a zippered compartment, but still comes with 2 different sized wallet/cardholders! The smaller card/wallet fits into a pocket on the left side of the Mage, whereas the larger wallet/cardholder has a metal clip it slides into, so it doesn't fall out when you open the bag itself!

    I can't wait to give it to him! I just hope he doesn't see this thread...LOL! (posting this thread is the only thing keeping me from giving it to him!)

    Please don't mind the dates on the pics...I don't know how to get that off my sister-in-law's digicam. I noticed it on my pomme cles pics too! (thinking that can't be right! I got my pomme in January not December!)




  2. Ooh I'm sure he'll love it! :biggrin:
  3. Congrats!
    Very nice he should love!
  4. hehe!!! thats what my mom wants to get my dad!!! it looks very handsome!!!
  5. nice!
    do u wear it across ur body?
  6. very nice!
  7. Thanx everyone!

    The screw/buckle holding the strap in place in the back actually swivels around so you can wear many ways.
  8. wow! that's hot! i gotta show this to my bf!
  9. Oooh nice gift. I'm sure he'll love it:yes:
  10. Congrats, I hope he likes it :smile:
  11. I'm sure he'll love it-great choice!
  12. Great gift for your BF! He'll love it!
  13. very pretty. hehe :heart:3
  14. I Love it!
    I'm sure he'll be so happy!!
  15. Cool! You're such a nice GF!!! :biggrin: