The Bev.. anyone has it?

  1. Hello~ anyone has the bev? i need to see some modelling pics on this pouch. Thanks!:yes:
  2. (source from

    Bev in Natural -7.5" x 4.5" x .5" with a 7.5" strap drop

    Any one owns this? wonder how it looks like on shoulder and the usefulness of this pouch, any advices?

  3. it looks like a gun holster on the shoulder ... it is very very small and thin, definately a hand held bag that you could put a few cards and cash in. even a cell phone would poof her out.
  4. *lol* gun holster :roflmfao: cant even squeeze in the mobile. hmm... marc should gave some width to this purse, it looks cute though. Thanks yes.please ! btw, i :heart: your trish!