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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am considering buying either a large Betty or a medium Paddy and wanted to get some of your suggestions on how each bag wears.

    I think the Paddy looks better, but I think the Betty is more functional. However, having said that, I'm slightly worried that the Betty will get very heavy if you put a lot of things in it (hence, it wouldn't be a functional bag at all if I'll suffer from a shoulder pain from it!, LOL).

    So if any of you can share with me your personal experiences with either bag, that'd be greatly appreciated! I am also curious if you can use the large Betty as a shoulder bag as well or if the straps aren't long enough...

    Thanks, ladies! Excited to hear your suggestions...
  2. Oops -- I guess I should have named this thread Betty vs. Paddy! :smile:
  3. I have five Paddy's; I had one Betty (returned). The leather on the Paddington is much more hardy and durable - practically indestructable. Betty has softer leather and SoCal's Betty suffered a color transfer casualty (dye from jeans transfered to bag). The leather also gouged because it is soft, so you have to be careful with Betty.

    I thought the small Betty's proportions were off which is why it went back to Nordstrom. It is a very cute bag though!
  4. The handheld betty is sort of awkward to carry - the straps don't really fit easily over your shoulders and the bag is boxy. You should try the betty hobo style with a shoulder strap. Its much more user-friendly and comes in most of the betty colors.
  5. Thanks! Cougess, is there any way you can email me a link ot the betty hobo? I didn't realize betty comes in a hobo style?
  6. i have had hands on or should i say shoulders on experience with both. i have large paddy tote in whiskey, love it to death, except it kills my back..soooooooo heavy....i actually posted a thread on this. i was going to sell it... but then decided to keep it for a car bag..use it when im driving places instead of walking...then went out and bought hobo the look of satchel, but find it a tad (hobo betty) is very practical..all those pockets really work well and it hangs nicely it doesn't have the pizzzazz of paddy, but is more user friendly
  7. I think I read your post about the Paddy tote. I just got mine too and love it to death, but haven't had a chance to use it. Because of the size, I don't really plan to put too many things in it, LOL, cause I don't want it to get *too* heavy, but I love the style! Good choice about keeping it!

    Thanks for the tip. I finally found a picture of the hobo betty, but I think I like the regular Betty. Maybe I'll just have to track one down and take a close look at it, hold it, touch it, etc.. :smile:
  8. You need to check out both betty styles in person. I originally did not think I'd like the hobo style, but as was pointed out above, its a great bag and the pockets are really useful!