The betty from NAP arrived

  1. Hi there
    I am off to a "jungle bar" type of place with my children...
    The betty arrived... the courier was not killed... but it doesnt look like the pictures in NAP and I may start practising bag juggling:graucho:... it was supposed to be dark grey (shadow) but it is elephant grey...
    I am a bit upset, since the other betties are gone and there's only sacoche left and no black betties there...:sad:
    Anyway, will post pictures later.. :yes:
  2. I can't wait to see it! I'm glad nobody died!
  3. Glad your bag made it, :party:bet that color is stunning. I've seen the darker gray, that's nice too, but elephant gray sounds yummy. Congrats, and yes, we're glad the courier is still safe.
  4. Post pics! Get past your failed expectations, that color may be a real winner!
  5. It does sound like a great color!!
  6. Well, i have nearly made up my mind to return it... elephant grey is not VERY nice... the pictures from NAP show a very different shade... this is closer to grey than black...
    Unfortunately, all the betties are gone from NAP and I don't like the colors from Sacoche...

    What can I do now with my budget? I must CONFESS I have nearly purchased a beautiful Whiskey Edith from a fellow tPFer... but I was expecting to get TWO bags....

    Here are my options:

    1) Patiently wait until the right Betty appears on eBay or Ann Fabulous Finds or somewhere else... From my very limited experience, I know this is bound to happen in, let's say, four weeks time...

    2) Purchase a chain-handled Betty from Sacoche (I can visualize Div and Susie nodding now):yes:

    3) Purchase an Ecru Bay from Sacoche which is growing on me:love:

    4) Cheat and get a black BB I have been introduced to by another tPFer...:s

    I already have one light brown and three dark brown designer bags
    WHAT DO YOU RECKON?:confused1:
  7. i say go for the BBag, i love it too!!i love that bag though it's not a chloe...oops!:graucho:
  8. flower - GASP! How could you?! - LOL! Actually a black BBag is a very chic thing. But only you can say maria. Return the elephant Betty for sure. Your heart is not in it as is painfully obvious. I somehow feel that something will show up Betty wise at one of the stores like Ann's - SOON. It is ridiculous because last year at this time they were coming out the wazoo. I wouldn't get a chain handled one since you haven't seen it IRL and it might not be right. I just received an email from Sacoche this morning explaining the return policy and you have a week to say that you want store credit. The ecru Bay is surely great but is it what you really want? I think you need a BLACK bag from how you describe your color assortment. And one might show up on that private marketplace forum too. (I gotta join that soon....) So a little patience could do the trick. (Like who am I to talk - I know:rolleyes:)

  9. Sound advice, Div... I guess i'd love the chain betty, but i should really see it in real life... i've been admiring your modelling pictures from ages ago and they look terrific on you...:woohoo:
    Anyway, i have spotted a couple of black betties on eBay that may do the trick... but i am still at a loss...:sad:
  10. maria - the chain handled one is sooo cool. It is a rock and roll bag. The chain handle is kinda heavy - not that it bothers me but I probably outweigh you by a stone. (I am trying to figure out how much a stone is?) I don't know what to tell you to do about it. Susie is more your size and she wears hers often. I think she needs to chime in here.
  11. Aww Maria! Sorry that your Betty did not work out for you! Elephant grey is nice too, but not if you were looking for a charcoal or something closer to Black. I say you wait until one comes up that you LOVE. Can you contact Ann to let you know if she gets one in her possession?

  12. Okay!! I was wearing it yesterday with a chocolate suede coat. As I was passing a mirror in my local McDonald's I caught a glimpse of myself. Yeow who's that hot mama I thought? Oh yea it's ME!! I looked so pretty with that bag!! Yea I LOVE IT! :heart::yes:

    (remember you visulized us shaking our heads up and down!!!!!!)
  13. Rock on with your bad self, Susie!:wlae:
  14. Oh Maria, it sucks that after all that build-up and the risk of near homicide charge ( ultimately death of a courier), you don't love the bag, but as the self-styled queen of bag juggling, I sympathise with your plight. Can't really advise on what to do on the Betty front as Bettys aren't my area of expertise, but one thing I would say is don't even contemplate keeping a bag you don't love with all your :heart:. Nothing worse than having a turkey purchase winking at you from the bag of your wardrobe and I should know, I've had a few:s ! Get rid of it pronto and start over again - I'm sure your hearts desire will find its way onto your arm in the not too distant future, after all you sound like a woman on a mission. Go girl.....:yes: