The betch is back~

  1. woohoo, strip!!!:party:
  2. Drum roll.......
  3. oh fvck it...full monthy

  4. woohoo!!! Gorgeous:heart:
  5. Ooh she´s so beautiful! Congratulations!!
  6. WOWZers!!!! Gorgeous Birkin!
  7. LOVE IT! Thank you for not making us wait and wait to enjoy it. Congrats on your great new birkin.
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats!
    (I love the fast reveal BTW)
  9. a semi-modeling pic on my mother's arm...she's shy
    show potiron.jpg
  10. ^Well she shouldn´t be, you gals look great together!
  11. Congratulations! Enjoy your stunning orange birkin in good health!
  12. Gorgy! Enjoy her in a good health!
  13. Thanks everyone, isn't the black and pumpkin perfect for Halloween?
  14. congrats. It is a truly fabulous color