The bestest gift ever.......

  1. Yeah i know bestest is not a word :biggrin:

    But what was the best gift you have gotten??? or given ??

    All gifts are good to give and receive, but some stand out more than others:flowers:
  2. Best gift i ever received is a pair of Jimmy Choo from my bf....:love: :love:
  3. my puppy -- from the boyfriend :love:
  4. Oh could be from any time period ie childhood or adulthood
  5. i dont have one yet... i guess, the best gift to myself would be when i finish my degree? with bf... hmmm, maybe when he proposes with my jewelry set? heheh.. just kidding.... i know it moved me to tears when I read my brother's paper back in junior high and said that i was his role model.. i thought that it was the best thing anyone has ever said about me...

  6. awww, that's so sweet of him....
  7. my jewelry from my exhusband and a vase that is in our family for decades by my mom :heart:
  8. When my hubby :king: searched all through Bangkok to find my Mussettee and matching shoes while out there for business and brought them home for me. I slept with my goodies that night :flowers:
  9. My best gift in recent memory was the pink and black Kashmiri scarf my boyfriend got for me in India. I wear it all the time. My best gift in my younger life was a vintage faux fur coat a close friend got me for Christmas when we were in high school. I had been looking for one for a while, but hadn't mentioned it to her. Lo and behold, she was out shopping, spotted this coat and said "that's perfect for Kerry!" She read my mind, it was awesome.
  10. My diamond tennis bracelet my husband surprised me with on my Bday one year.
  11. A pinky heart ring that my parents gave to me for Easter when I was 8 (I still wear...soo sentimental).
    In husband buying me an ankle bracelet with mine & his initials engraved on it. I know it's cheesy, but PHH is NOT a gift-giving kind of person (he usually just tells me to go buy whatever I want and then there's nothing left for Christmas).
  12. I really have to say the birth of my babies. Having the doctor put them on my chest and seeing my husband cry with joy- that's my greatest gift ever. Sorry to all get sappy...
  13. Other than that, my diamond stud earrings that my hubbie surprised me with for Mother's Day about 10 years ago.:smile:
  14. I hear ya! My two boys!:heart:
  15. My diamond starfish pendant.