The BEST whitening essence?? help! & my review on Vichy Bi-White..

  1. Hi Ladies, here I am posting again when I should be cleaning up the house..:p

    just wondering what you think is the best whitening essence product you have used??:confused1:

    right now, I'm using Vichy Bi-White essence..and in my opinion..this being the 2nd tube that i've's not really doing seems like it is making my skin worse:crybaby: ..but it's so expensive so I decided that I might as well finish it..but it's almost gone now :graucho: which means..I can buy a NEW whitening essence for myself!! yay!:rolleyes:

    any suggestions?

    ps: the Vichy one..I dunno if it's just me or what..:shrugs: ..after I put it on and I put on my moisturizer..little bits and flaky white pieces will fall off of my eraser bits..:yucky: neways..NO MORE VICHY!!
  2. Ohhh I so need this thread too! My face is looking darker in spots like around my mouth. Hopefully someone will help us soon !!

  3. yeah me too!! i keep refreshing this post to see who can help us! hehehe!
  4. I havent used this Vichy product yet, but I have been using their skin care products for 8 years and that has never happened to me :shrugs: Maybe the essence + moisturizes was to oily for your skin? Maybe you need to exfoliate?
    Anyway just thought I'd defend Vichy cause I :heart: their stuff ;)

  5. try UNT really make my skin brighter...go to
  6. I think Amore Pacific has a brightening essence that works well on me. I am Asian so I am fairly yellow..
  7. i use Shiseido brightening line... it works! and it has a spot corrector for those stubborn spots..... i love the way the line smells and the eye cream is excellent
  8. My favorite is not Vichy BTW.
    I personnaly think Vichy is too weak.

    For me the things that's work are ...
    - Vitamin C serum from Guerllain
    - Whitenning essence / Clarins
    - Vit c serum / La Praire
    - Shishedo white lucent (beware of the acne too)
    - SKII essence (some does'nt see the effect)
    - Suqqu whitenning essence

    But most of all that work for me is IPL treatment.
    I live in tropical zone that have strong sun exposure , when I was young I must travel under strong sunlight to school 2-3 hours a day. So you proably imagine how my skin damage was when I grew up :sad: and none of the magic cream can cure my face , my face look 3 shade darker that my neck . So ugly combination.

    Then with the IPL traetment , it help rejuvenate my texture and skin color lighter. Just 1 course ,I can see the differences.

    Anyway ,if you living in US , I think the doctors there are more carefull to do the Rx IPL with the dark skin patients , so it's hard to find one . Anyway I think it'd worth to try.
  9. turmeric and honey and EXTREMELY effective!
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    As much as I love La Prairie, I don't really recommend their whitening serum. It smells pretty bad and seems to give me pimples so I rarely use it now. However I do love the whitening moisturizer (see below)

    My favs:
    La Prairie - Cellular Intensive Anti-Aging Anti-Spot moisturizing cream
    Lancome's Neurowhite/Blanc Expert - the entire line (I use the toner, serum, and moisturizing lotion/milk)
    Blanc de La Mer - serum and essence are very nice

    I know these brands are much more expensive than Vichy's but you should definitely at least try Lancome's. Sometimes they have gift packages containing 2-3 products, so you'll get a deal there for about 100$.
  11. Shiseido works wonders, my mum is obsessed with it and she bought me a bunch of products which have been laying around... I have been neglecting my skin a little.
  12. I do not recommend SKII essence. I spend hundreds of dollars on that line and did not see much. I did like however the whitening masks. I found those to be better than the essence or whitening drops