the best way to shrink cotton

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  1. i've recently ordered some really cute plaid shirts. unfortunately, they are too big, but they are 100% cotton so i know i will be able to shrink them at least a little.

    what is the best way to shrink cotton? should i just wash in warm water & dry on high heat? ...i don't want them to be too small

    and in your experience, how much have you been able to shrink cotton? ...i'm hoping for at least a whole size :shrugs:

  2. Hot Wash and Hot dry and hope for the best.

    Or exchange for a smaller size?
  3. Hot wash, low dry will shrink my jeans by about 1/2 inch.
  4. It will shrink lengthwise but very little in all-around size. Exchange if you can.
  5. I would not try to shrink it. Like plain jane said, it might just shrink lengthwise, or it might twist, etc. I would just return or exchange if you can.
  6. thanks! ...unfortunately, I can't exchange anything. the shirts aren't too too big, i'll be careful & see what i can do with them!
  7. try hot wash/hot dry IMO, and if it's still too big, gift it or sell it!