The best way to sell sapphires?


Seeking treasure
May 28, 2014
Suffolk, UK
Hi all.

I have a pair of identical white sapphires, 0.5c each. I bought them from a couple of years ago with the intention of having them set as studs in 18k white gold, and then I planned to replace them with diamonds when I had saved up enough for a pair of Whiteflash diamonds.

However I haven't got round to that and could really do with the money right now, but I have no idea how to go about selling them. Should I get them appraised first? So people know exactly what they're buying? And where would be the best place to sell? I know of loupetroop but I think that's based in the US and I'm in the UK. Is eBay going to be okay?

Thanks in advance :smile:


Mar 22, 2007
There are people that sell on LoupeTroop from the uk, but if you have the documentation that identifies them and the original listing that should be enough. Don't expect to get what you paid, or a quick sell regardless of the route you take.