the best way to apply liner on the lower lid?

  1. Hi everyone!
    does anyone have a great technique for applying eyeliner on your lower lid?? i like a nice soft line so i tend to use the eyeliners that come with the smudging(?) end. but it's kind of hit or miss for me to get both eyes perfect and lots of times the eyeliner will get all over my lower lashes. i've seen other girls where their lower eyelid is just perfect! i currently use cliniques eyeliner

    i need all the help that i can get :tup:
  2. I actually line the bottom inside ridge of my eyelid and it always turns out looking awesome!!
  3. i use a liquid eyeliner on the top and pencil on the bottom
  4. You should dust a little powder (don't blend it in) beneath your lower lash line before applying liner, so that you can sweepaway any liner or shadow that has fallen after applying it. If the line isn't quite perfect, just take some foundation or a little concealer on a small brush or sponge and even out the line. You can remove liner from your lashes my sweeping a tissue across them.
  5. Just wanted to add that if you line the actual ridge or your lower lid then you don't have to worry about the liner getting in your lashes like you do if you actually line underneath your eye.
  6. I line the ridge too with MAC's Fluidlines and the I set it with a little shadow on my NARS #12 brush. I also like the shadow to extend into the lashline to give a finished, less harsh look.
  7. lining the ridge can cause an eye infection for those who wear contacts.
  8. Ya I line the ridge too it gives a line that is thin but if you use the right type of eyeliner and the right shade then it totally makes your eyes pop and it can be soft too if you don't put on too much.
  9. same here :smile:
  10. :shocked: Yikes where did you hear this from?
  11. ^ It's because if you have any sort of infection or bacteria in your eyes, it's spread by tears and eye discharge. Your tools or products are more likely to get contaminated if you're using them that close to your eyeball, like when you line the ridge. This is also why they tell you not to share mascara & eyeliner and to throw it away if you've had an eye infection.
  12. This is the way I usually line my eyes-- It's Too Faced Dirtbag shadow smudged with a liner brush against the lashline on the top, and then on the bottom I smudge it beneath the lashline, from the outer corner just past the center of my eye...

    I don't know why my lashes look so clumpy in that pic :sad:
  13. You have beautiful eyes, claireZk! :yes:
  14. Thanks Miss Ritz! :flowers:
  15. I line the top - heavier on the outside and a little up on the end.
    I also really love Bobbie Brown eye gels.