The best wallet: Sarah or Zippy?

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  1. I’m thinking about buying a new wallet and I can’t decide between Sarah and Zippy. What do you think about them?
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  2. Zippy (large size) 100% satisfied
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  3. I own both and I use my zippy far more. I'm considering selling my Sarah because I hardly ever use it.
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  4. Sold my Sarah, purchased the zippy and never looked back! The zippy is an awesome wallet
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  5. I really like the zipper on the Zippy, not a fan of the snap closure (which could lead to the corners lifting after awhile). So for me, that was the deciding factor.
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  6. Love the zippy because it can hold so much. I tend to gravitate towards this style even with my non LV wallets. When in need to downsize, I usually switch to a zippy coin purse.
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  7. I have a couple of LV wallets and I prefer the full size zippy (which was my first) for everyday use. It will fit my phone when I have a very thin case on it.
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  8. Thank you for your answers! :smile:
    Which kind of zippy would you choose? Monogram, DE, leather or a limited edition (the Christmas collection is coming out)?
  9. I dug up my old thread from when I bought mine. :smile:
    I'm definitely biased, but go for a fun LE print!! Mine still sparks joy every time I see the bright cheerful pink.
  10. At the time I purchased my full size zippy most of my bags were Mono so I purchased a monogram one because I like to match the prints :smile:
    Now many years later my collection has expanded and I purchased a Sarah Wallet in DE the one with the studs for my DE bags.
    I also purchased many others throughout the years but I only use the Mono Zippy during the week in my work bag because I no longer worry about ruining it.
    Good luck with your decision - you can’t go wrong with either one.
  11. I have both the Zippy and the Zippy Organizer. I really prefer the zip closure.
  12. I am going to put in a plug for the Sarah. I see why people like the way the zippy closes so securely. What I love about the Sarah is the slip pocket on the back. It is so convenient to tuck receipts and change in this pocket during a transaction. The other thing that I love about this wallet is the four card slots on the front. I keep my ID, debit card, credit card and insurance card in these slots. These are the ones that I need to access most frequently. I love the way I can grab them from the front and not have to open the wallet widely to reach them. When I am out and about, I often keep small amounts of cash and/or my debit card in the back pocket and I do not even need to open my wallet. I can keep my iphone6 inside or I can put a simple key inside too. Plus, I adore the envelope/clutch style.
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  13. I could be mistaken but the new Sarah wallets do not have the slip pocket on the back or the four card slots in the front!?!
  14. Yes the new sarahs have both the back pocket and the front four card slots. I just got one last week and looked at some others and they all did
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  15. Oh mine does not have the back slip pocket or the four front card slots ::confused1::
    I purchased this one September 2018 - maybe this is the “old” one!?!

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