The best VALUE and BANG-FOR-YOUR-BUCK bags

  1. (Disclaimer: I know some may disagree with me, and I welcome that! For those of you who love Baby Phat because of the price and consider it a great value or Hermes and consider it a great value because of its timeless style you can wear for decades, I dont mean to offend. I am just genuinely curious and would like to hear other's opinions on this!)

    There are so many different kinds of bags being made these days. From both ends of the spectrum, there are bags from Baby Phat, and way on the other side, there are bags from Hermes. In my opinion, I think neither of those bags present a good overall value for what you pay but I must say that while I am not fond of Baby Phat, it is perfect for the gal who doesnt want to spend a small fortune on a bag and is perfectly happy with pleather. I do lust after Hermes and it is not only the perfect bag to many women but is also the epitome of beauty, high fashion, and classic appeal in the form of exotic skins and luscious colors. That being said, I'd like to reiterate that while some of these bags may be beautiful and high-priced or cute and low priced , I dont think that either one really qualify as a good value. So I got to thinking, which bags do offer the best value? How is a value in terms of bags quantified or qualified?

    In trying to answer my own questions, I think that a bag is a good or great value not only in terms of how many times you wear it, but also in terms of how long you can wear it.

    So I ask you, which bags do you own or would like to buy that you think are the best value and bang-for-your-buck and why?
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  2. I recently bought a new, leather Fossil small shoulder bag in Marshalls for $10.00, definetely a good value :jammin:
    Most of the time I like moderately priced bags. I love Elliot Lucca, Marina Orlandi (but her styles are so outdated now), Banana Republic, some of the Ann Taylor bags.
    There is a wonderful line of Chinese brand handbags Wanlima, which are very high quality and they stressed it is designed and made in China with strict standards. The Wanlima bag looked great and last a lot.
    I bought Italian or German bag on my trip to Russia and the hardware started to break in a week when I was in the airplane. Loved the bag - leather inside and out, made very nicely, but the screws keep coming apart. This was a complete waste of $150.00. I wore this bag for 3 months and after several repair just throw it in the garbage. I repaired straps, hardware every week. It was high maintenance bag for me.
    After my recent experience with pierotucci I would not probably ever think of buying a not brand name Italian bag.
    I'd love to have Etienne Aigner bags made for German customers, they are amazing. They are nothing like the bags they sell in Macy or on ebags.
  3. I recently purchased the MBMJ softy messenger. I have owned MBMJs in the past as well & have several MJ collection bags. I think the MBMJs are always priced great & they are quality. This new bag is also worry free - meaning I'm not afraid to use it in the rain/snow/sleet because the black pebbled leather is soft & durable & doesn't stain. I can use & abuse it without worry. All my past MBMJ bags have been like this as well. No loose stitching, no falling apart, durable nice leather, wears well, functional, fashionable & love the linings, nice hardware, great pricing = value to me.
  4. Definitly Tano!
  5. I think any bag by Cole Haan is a great value because if you look at the quality of the leather, the hardware and the stitching that is involved on all of their bags, you can't beat it for the money. I think when you pay their price, you are actually getting more than what you pay for. No offense to Andrew Marc people out there, but I was looking at an Andrew Marc bag the other day and I couldn't believe how cheapy cheapy it was made.....especially the interior lining. And the price on that bag was around $800. When I pay money, I expect to get quality......not just the name.
  6. I would vote for Cole Haan too with both of my hands!:yahoo:
  7. I'll go for Hermes Birkin. I hope I can get one after setting aside enough $$$ for it. It is the mother of all bags and considered my holiest grail bag. I think nothing beats a bag that is handmade from scratch, with the best leather and workmanship, that'll last beyond my generation and can be considered an heirloom for my daughter. So basically if you average out the cost of the Birkin over say, 30 years, you've got the idea. As the order list is closed, I can only get a preowned one but at least it's better than nothing.
  8. def. my chanel. i can see myself wearing them a lot through the years and it can stand time as in term of the style also in the term of the shape and the leather.
  9. I have loads of bags, but honestly, my bang-for-the-buck bag is my cloth shopping bag. I use it at the grocery store, gym and when sometimes as a purse if I'm carrying loads of items. They are usually free at some event or other, and friends and family members give me them too. I don't have to worry about it getting dirty or treating it like a precious commodity because it can just be thrown in the wash at the end of the week.
  10. If you're looking to stay on a budget, I'd have to say that Cole Haan bags are so amazing and often undervalued. I have the chocolate lunch tote, and it is really practical and gorgeous leather. It holds up very well, and I just love it!

    I'd also say that Tylie Malibu Apache bags are really worth the money for the leather... mine takes such a beating and still looks gorgeous...

    I also think that Coach leather bags hold up tremendously well. I've had some for years that just keep rockin on...

    And if you're looking for a bit higher end, nothing beats Belen Echandia in my opinion. The leather and craftsmanship are worth bragging about. :tup:
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  11. tano!!!

  12. i think tano and coach
  13. tano!
  14. I will say the LV Speedy. I have a Damier Speedy 30, and I think it's fabulous. The Speedy is one of the least expensive LV bags, but it's a very classic shape and the Damier is a classic print. I can still carry it 10 or 20 years down the road. Also, on top of this, the resale value is also good. You can still get some good money back if you sell a very well used piece of LV.
  15. I vote for Rebecca Minkoff. Her retail prices are reasonable and you can usually get them on sale. She uses high-end leather at mid-end prices.

    Am really hoping she doesn't increase prices one day, like similar brands (e.g. Botkier) have done. Because the bang-for-your-buck factor is the main reason why I purchase handbags and stay loyal to my favorite designers.

    I also think MJ gives good value for your money if you can buy on sale -- MJ goes on sale frequently to the 600 range I think it's a great price for the materials, construction, and beauty of the bag.

    Another really cute, nicely designed and constructed brand I like with good bang for your buck value is Lulu Guinness. :smile: