The BEST Valentine's present for myself!

  1. I ran to NM to return something...bad/good idea because sitting on display were...

    VP in nude crepe/lace!

    My throat went dry and my heart started racing...true it was the display but it was in my size and in my area, was completely pristine (no one wears Loub around here). I just HAD to get them.

    I was hoping for nude patent VPs to wear tonight with my Black Halo Jackie O, but these will do!!! :yahoo:

    Yay for me! Pics to come!
  2. Sounds beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Yay!!!!
  4. wohoo :smile: congrats! Looking forwards to pics :smile:
  5. Can't wait to see pics!
  6. they sound so gorgous! I can not wait to see pictures finally!

    My v-day present to myself was a Kenneth Cole Reaction gray wool coat and a DKNY mid-weight jacket from BlueFly's President's Day sale.
  7. Here you go loveys, my new lovelies!
    They're just so fun...I'm going to freeze but it will so be worth it :p
    Very Prive Lace 001.jpg Very Prive Lace 002.jpg Very Prive Lace 003.jpg Very Prive Lace 004.jpg
  8. Oh yeah~ those are def worth wearing now!! Very pretty!
  9. Those are gorgeous!
  10. omg I just reread what I first posted and think I was on crack - that made no sense whatsoever :p Too excited, I guess!
  11. they're stunning! congrats!! what a fabulous valentine's gift to yourself! i got myself 2 pairs of shoes today for valentine's day too!
  12. So nice. Enjoy your new shoes and have fun tonight.
  13. take an overall outfit pic! i know those shoes will be stunning with your Jackie O dress!
  14. Nothing says love like a sexy, lacy Louboutin. Congrats!
  15. those are so pretty! what a great present to yourself.