The Best-travelled whip in the World

  1. :yahoo: I am thrilled to say The Whip has finally come home to me, after being lost by Swiss and finally tracked down and delivered (at 5.45. a.m. today!). I must say a profound thank you to Shopmom who found it in SF Hermes, paid for it (reckless as to whether or not this weird gal in Africa would ever come up with the loot!), carefully and impeccablyre-packaged it, and had it couriered to my address in Wales. I then flew over to the UK, picked it up (with GREAT delight), rushed around for a dash of retail therapy, and flew home.
    The whip was purportedly on the same flight as me, but it seems to have been around the world on its own little adventure for the past 5 days - the airline won't tell me where it was, but it was well and truly lost!
    So finally it is home where it is settling in very nicely amongst the scarves, and preparing for a big-time photo-shoot over the weekend.
    And once again, a huge thank you to La Shopmom; she is food for the soul, that gal.:flowers:
  2. Whoo hoo! Yee Haww! CAn't wait for the pics, and it's great to have you back, Lolo!
  3. are you using it tonight lolo???? :graucho: :graucho:

    got the outfit ready??? :roflmfao: :wtf: :yahoo:

    just kidding.........share pics pls!!!!
  4. YAY!!! congrats lolo. that must be a great feeling to finally have it in ur possession!
  5. ^Congrats Lolo!!! I'm so thrilled for you! Definitely want to see pix of the whip in action--assuming they're PG-rated of course. :shocked:
  6. Hello GF & Pazt... actually I missed the best photo-opportunity ever when I whipped the thing out of its container today.
    My husband's face was like :wtf: !!! He is a darling but has a particular and extreme lack of interest in (a) Hermes and (b) horses. So it's wasted on him, but I can't wait to use it to lunge old Baggy (he's my horse, not my hub!) with it. My old lunge whip was about 8 inche slonger and just too long for me; besides, it lacked the necessary pedigree!
    Now, all I need are the Hermes green croc boots and matching saddle that were posted a while back, and I am ready for some serious action!
  7. lolo, he thought it was for HIM! LOL! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: poor DH! :nuts: :nuts:
  8. OK I'll admit - I have been standing outside by the swimming pool cracking the damn thing all day!!! And I love it....

    I will try to post only PG rated pics, Orchids!
  9. congrats, lolo! don't you LOVE the long hermes box and dustbag for the whips? and boy, that's some trip -- made in france, shipped to the US, posted to the UK, checked baggage and several days of mystery travels until finally landing in south africa.

    now that the mystery of the whip's location has been solved i've moved on to the next most pressing question . . . which is, exactly how many scarves have been added to the lolo collection? 10? 15? 20? spill it, girl.
  10. OMG you finally have that whip lol!! That was quite trip for both of you lol! Go easy on the ole' horse now ---- remember it'll hurt!! Of course what fun to have that in Hermes!! And I do agree that shopmom is THE best!! I can't wait to see horse has been sorely lacking attention lately and she let me know tonight she is NOT happy lol!! I might need to borrow that!!
  11. :yahoo: Congrats lolo!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. ohh :smile: I want to see!!
    I'm glad the whip made its way safely to you!
  13. Thanks everyone for all the enthusiasm! DQ I am embarrassed to admit to how many scarves. Actually, I will be more honest than embarassed and tell you I'm not sure: I bought a couple t the H shops I passed through, but I also ordered more vintage ones to add to those that were already waiting for collection.
    One thing I can tell you: they ALL have horses - and look bloody good with that whip!
    Just to reassure anyone out there who is "non equine" in their habits: the whip is a guide when you lunge, and not for whipping. I usually give my horses a gentle stroke and massage with the whip before we lunge so he knows it's a friend, not a foe.
    At night, however, that whip acquired a new character and is much more adventurous... (ha! I wish!)
  14. LOL lolo! I had a trainer who was quite rough with her horses and it was difficult to see...and she produced young girls who acted just the same...I always felt there must be an easier route...when I worked with one horse to learn to get on my new trailer, it took lots of hours a quite a few beers during that hot summer for both of us to learn lol! Sometimes just carrying a whip made my girl stand at better attention .... I can imagine how good I would sit on a horse with an Hermes whip in hand lol!! Now as far as your dh and the whip go...that is a whole other thread - and forum lol!
  15. ^^^LOLO - If you don't get a bag, can you hang an Hermes Charm from your whip to make it more YOUR whip, with YOUR signature H - charm??? So DH doesn't get any ideas that you can SHARE your whip??:smile:

    oops!! I forgot to say CONGRATS on your whip getting to you safe and sound in one piece!!