the best things in life are free ... (sometimes :D)

  1. I went to pick up my heatstamped luggage tag yesterday. The SA was super nice and put it its own little bag and everything! Unfortuantely, I forgot to get her name ... I wish I had, in case I actually ever go into the store to buy something.




    It brightened my day for most of the day, but then I had my first incident with vernis color transfer with my new used bedford. :censor: My BF & I had taken one of our single friends out to dinner & a movie, and when we got to the restaurant, there were no tables, but they said we could sit at the bar. I didn't want to because I don't like eating next to people I don't know and there would be no place to put my purse. But since I was with two guys I didn't want to complain about my purse and be a pain ... so I sat it on my lap. It was kind of a tight squeeze and the handles were laying on the side and something on the handles transferred to the side! :rant: :mad: I cleaned/moisturized the handles a few days in a row last week and I guess they were a little too moisturized. You can barely see it, and it's only on one side, but it still bugs me!

    But I do have a nice shiny luggage tag. :biggrin:
  2. The luggage tag looks great! Sorry to hear about the Bedford. :sad:
  3. I love the luggage tag! That's one of my favorite pieces -- all by itself even. :smile:

    Sorry about the Bedford.
  4. That's too bad to hear about the bedford.. curse that bar !

    But hey, great luggage tag !
  5. It looks beautiful! Sorry about your Bedford...
  6. Your tag looks awesome! I am getting a lucille pm and I am going to have that tag done! Was the color transfer on the vernis itself or just the straps?
  7. the tag looks great. Im thinking about heat stamping a few of mine.

    a little off topic: is there a small luggage tag? i see ones on the Antigua handbags and they are really cute!
  8. that's what size mine is, but it came on my bag. I'm sure you could buy one though.

    and Iheartcouture, something from the handles rubbed onto the vernis. :Push:
  9. Pretty tag! Sorry about the color transfer but at least it's very small and not too noticeable.
  10. Love the luggage tag , sorry for the bedford