The best thing about "your speedy"


Jun 2, 2013
Boston, MA
I have 2 speedy's (mono 30 and DE 35) and they're my most used out of my LV bags. I carry either in the crook of the arm or just handheld. It takes some time getting used to carrying a bag vs. slinging it over your shoulder, but I've found that I really enjoy the speedys.

I think some people shy away from the speedy (vs. speedy b) bc if you carry a lot with you, the bag will be heavy and uncomfortable to carry on the crook of the arm.

I've been thinking about getting an empriente speedy, but the canvas ones are SO light when there isn't anything in them. They're seriously amazing. DE is great bc it's essentially waterproof, but mono is very classic. I prefer the 35 bc it holds everything my 30 can + my scarf, gloves, or a small sweater. You'd be surprised how much you can carry in these bags! Good luck deciding :smile:


Aug 28, 2013
the best thing about my speedy is the versatility of it! I love wearing it as a day bag or weekend getaway bag :smile:


Meep meep
Feb 27, 2013
I'd get a speedy b if your looking for a baby friendly bag.30 is a great size! Best thing I love about speedy is its classic! I love bags with zippers and it looks great with any outfit.formal or casual! :smile:


Celebrate Everything
Sep 4, 2011
Hmm . . . I am a speedy freak! My fav bag. But you said you have a neverfull and wanted kid friendly. The neverfull is about as kid friendly as you can get because you need hands free and carry toys, cheerios, etc. . .
I would choose the speedyB 35 in Ebene. Ebene won't show dirt & stains which might happen at the playground, drs office, etc. . . B because you get the hands free option. Size of 35 so you can still throw in color books etc. . .
Get a speedy 30 in any style for date night or evenings when the kids might be with the babysitter. hehe

I don't know. I would stay with the neverfull for now.
I am ancient and my daughter is grown.
Plenty of years to get speedys later on. ;)


Jan 19, 2014
It's my first LV and my lovely boyfriend bought it for me as a Christmas present! This make it oh so special :heart::yahoo:


Oct 2, 2009
The Big Easy
The Speedy will always be a classic IMO. The speedy B will allow for hands free, but I also agree the NF is kid friendly (allows hands free, holds quite a lot of kiddie necessities). I love my speedy 40, especially the space and love it for travel and shopping!


Art Is Everywhere
Jan 10, 2009
I love my speedy b 40! So far, it my fave bag. When there are just a few things in there, it doesnt look like a big bagn but when you need the extra space, it fills right up. Love it. Carried my jacket, smock, scarf , coffee tumbler and a magazine on top of my everyday items. Slung it over my shoulder and off I went.

I would love another in b 35.


Jan 3, 2008
I have 4 Speedy's in size 30. 30 is the perfect size for me even though I am petite and don't carry that much. I just love the look of the size. My Empreinte is my most favorite Speedy by far, then my DE. I also own Mono and DA but honestly, I'm not crazy about either one but I am not selling them.

Speedy is the quintessential LV, IMO. It's timeless and classic. The Speedy Empreinte has the crossbody strap and I love carrying it crossbody as well as handheld. There are a couple of interior pockets which make it easy to grab essentials like phone and lip gloss. The Empreinte and DE are both great in the snow and rain and don't show signs of wear.


May 27, 2014
Very versitile, durable and roomy (like a bottomless pit)
Can wear on casual or formal
A true classic!
A forever bag!!!:tup:

Since its a bottomless pit, you will need an organizer bag coz you'll loose your stuff inside
Must beware from using hand lotion and sanitizer or else the vachetta handles tends to get dark

Nevertheless, i so LVoe my speedy!:heart::heart::heart:
Nov 27, 2009
I love my Speedys, they are my favorite, at least so far. I use bottom shapers for all of them and I have started using organizers in them as well, very convenient.

A Speedy 25 is great for a hand carry bag, plenty of room for the essentials, when you want to go a bit lighter in the weight department. Easy to fit into tight places usually, when space is an issue, comfortable to hold on your lap if need be.

A Speedy 30 is great when you need to carry a great deal comfortably and without over stuffing, you can fit a TON of stuff into a 30.

IMO, these are the classic LV bags, hard to go wrong here and from what I have been reading over the past couple of days, LV may be planning on severely limiting them in future. Now might be an idea time to get one, even a pre loved one if you don't want to invest the money into a brand new one.


Jun 19, 2006
I love my Speedy 30 for its roominess. I am also considering a speedy b to be a baby bag, though I'm worried about hoe it would hold up to spills etc. fwiw, I tried the Speedy 25, but thought it is too small to be an everyday bag.