The best thing about "your speedy"

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  1. Ok,

    Soooo I was posting for a new bag - Ideally it needs to be kiddie friendly as I am on the lookout for something day to day and something that I can "dress up a bit" but not too dressy.

    I am totally thinking from a cost point of view now to get a speedy (I have never owned one)

    So.... can everyone give me their pro's or cons or both on the Speedy - I know the speedy B is also a crossbody which is ideal - but can you crossbody a regular speedy?? Also how is it carried?? crook arm??? I remember trying it when I went to Vegas a few years back but it felt way too little... I am 5.8, I decided on NF..

    I am thinking of DE or empriente...
  2. Which size did you try on? I feel the speedys are quite roomy.
    The speedy b are really versatile. It can be carried cross body and shoulders with the removable straps; in addition by hand and arm.
    Maybe you might like the size 35 in DE.
    Have you considered the new Greenwich? It reminds me of the speedy, but has an opening like a tote.

    I don't own one yet but have done my fair share if admiring. Good luck
  3. No havent seen greenwich - is it similar price to speedy?

    I think it may have been 25 I tried......:smile:

    You never sold it to me though lol... what are your loves on the speedy?
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    The 25 might be a tad small. I think most people own the 30.

    My reasons for admiring the speedy are:

    I love the versatility and functuality of the speedy B. It can be worn casually with jeans, a t shirt, and flats; or dressed up with a pair of nice slacks, fancy blouse, and pumps. It's an iconic piece that has been around for 70 years. You can't go wrong with something even Audrey Hepburn had in her collection.

    I'd probably carry wipes, diapers, a water bottle, ipad mini, with a few my own personal things. Carry as much or as little, it's very roomy. Cross body would be my favorite way to wear it as I can be hands free. During the winters, cross body would be perfect when wearing a thick coat.

    I've seen preloved speedys from 15+ years ago and they are still as lovely as ever. It can definitely be and a " hand me down" to your "mini me".

    The only reason I have not bought it yet is because I'm a newbie at collecting and I'm trying to get my hands on non permanent items first.
  5. well i can tell you that altho i have my share of lovely lv's my speedies are still my favorite bags. i was having lunch with a friend yesterday. she was carrying her mono noe and i was carrying my speedy 35 de. we both have newer and fancier bags but i told her if i could only have one lv, it would still be my speedy. i actually just ordered the speedy b de as well . i know that sounds silly, but i just have not found a de shoulder bag i prefer so i am going to try it . the speedy holds so much more than it looks like it would. it is timeless, simple, elegant and can be dressed up or down. i love that it zips closed. i love how it looks with a charm. right now i have the illustre carousel de charm with orange/red back on it and it looks so great. not sure if this helps but hope it did a little.
  6. I have two Speedy's. Mono and DE and both are 35. They are incredibly roomy and can be worn casually and dressy.
    I love my Speedy's.
    It's just such an elegant bag. Timeless and classic. :smile:
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    As far as the Greenwich goes, it reminds me of the speedy when the sides are tucked in. The opening is in the style of a tote so accessing your things are a little easier. It has the same versatility and functuality of the speedy b. The pictures on the LV site does not do it justice at all. It's a bag you'll need to see it IRL and try it on to see what I mean. The price tag is a little hefty (2350).
  8. I have the speedy b 25 in de and I had a mono speedy 25.

    What I love:
    Speedy b is cute, cute, cute!
    Can look dressy
    Can look sporty
    Holds a good amount for a small bag.

    What I do not love:
    Regular speedy - only handheld or crook of arm.
    Speedy b de strap is stiff and rough on your shoulder.
    Speedy 25 small opening (this really bothers me)

    HTH :smile:
  9. I have both 25 and 30. I love both of them; the 30 is my daily bag (well switch between that and nf) and the 25 azur is the cute small bag. It fits a ton, but not anything large like a sweater or an ipad. In fact, I do not think a 30 would fit an ipad either.
    If you want an evening type bag, a 25 is perfect.
  10. I love my speedy b and my speedy but I always gravitate to my speedy b it's three bags in one ! I have it in the de print and it's been raining loads here so it's been put to good use recently. I know some people have out straps on regulars speedies but I personally wouldn't. I love how versatile they are , you can fit loads and it looks good but it also looks good on a date night.
  11. I didn't love the look of the Speedy B on my body because it looked like a duffle bag on me, but I :heart: the speedy 30 in DE. What you can fit: a thick book, several of DH's t-shirts, a large purse organizer (full). It's giant! Has to be handheld or on crook of the arm, but I don't mind carrying that way. :sunshine:
  12. Pros of my Speedy B 35 in DE's incredibly roomy yet lightweight, it can be worn in crook of arm, over shoulder or cross body, it can be worn in any weather without worry, it's got a wide zipper opening for easy's just the perfect bag which I find myself using more than I thought I would. The only two cons for me is that, there is only 1 tiny internal pocket but my purse organizer fixed that and also, the 35 is so large that it sags if I wear it over the shoulder or cross-body but a base shaper is an easy fix for that.
  13. That sucker (Speedy) can hold a ton, don't be deceived by the size, it can hold a TON! I think the Speedy B35 in DE would be the best for you, since it is large enough to hold your stuff as well as the kids, and also since it is in DE, you can use in the rain, shine or snow!

    My personal con's for the bag is also a pro. The size of the bag can hold a ton, but you can regularly lose things as well.. An example is that one time, I stuffed my Speedy B40 for uni and was using it for several weeks and when I cleared it out, I found two water bottles and also some uneaten chips and also a jumper that I thought I lost.. I swear I could find the Titanic in the bag!!

    Good luck on deciding and it is one classic bag that everyone should have!
  14. The speedy 35 is my favorite. I carry it on my fore arm. I have two 30's and one 35. My favorite thing about it is it is very roomy and classy/ sassy :smile:)
  15. I have a 30 in DE and it is surprisingly roomy. I had my iPad 2 in there the other day and couldn't find it (panic)... Later realized it had settled to the bottom and was acting as my base shaper! I also had a wallet, makeup, and another pouch for essentials and there was still plenty of space. It is easier to open one handed than it looks, I dunno magic zippers? Haha.