the best SA from the Montreal store??

  1. Hi,
    i dont know if there are a lot of people here from Montreal,but i will be going soon to LV to put my name for the damier azur line and i was wondering..Who is your fave SA from LV ogilvy???

    :heart:Damier Azur mini pochette:heart:
  2. oh i wanted to know wich one is better..because im very picky when choosing expensive things..i dont want to be stressed when i go there lol :smile:
  3. Hey, nothing wrong with asking for positive experiences ! :yes:
  4. Generally, they are really nice there. But the managers are nicer than the SAs. Han Harvey is the Associate/directrice Adjointe there, she's young and very nice. Then Mary Sweetman (manager), she's not bad either.
  5. Great thanks a lot!:smile:
  6. I dunno, when I first met my SA she was on the phone and was asking about something (to get an answer for my question), she referred to the person on the other end as "Vivi"........ So I was like...."is that your name?" and she said "no no! That's my manager"