The best rolling backpack in your opinion?

  1. Any experience with rolling backpacks for school? This is for my 12-year-old son. (And yes, he does want one. The kids at his school use them, which I am grateful for--they don't think they're too nerdy.)

  2. My son used a Land's End rolling back pack all last year and we had his initials embroidered on it too. Was nice because it held up the entire year and we always knew which one was his:tup:
  3. Well - I was excited to see your question, because I was all set to rave about Tumi. They make the world's best rolling backpack, very classy, very business-oriented yet in a non-crappy way. But I don't think you want to spend $500+ on your 12 year old.:smile:

    Other than Tumi, I have no experience in rolling backpacks for this age group. My stepdaughter made hers as part of a "Design Class" (read: 2005's version of Home Economics) and that's all I know ...
  4. :idea:An alternative for business rolling bags (for laptops) is CaseLogic. I was tired of making my handbag purchases based on its ability to carry a laptop. Plus it's not fun to carry it long distances like the airport. I found out about CaseLogic, sized my laptop and found a great rolling case. Keeps paperwork together plus the laptop, cords, etc. and only cost about $130. It's not leather but it looks good! I can roll along and still carry a nice bag.
  5. Kipling wheeled backpacks are the most functional and durable rolling backpack for schools.