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  1. 1,
    Which LV bag do you love the most? ( among your collection)

    Which bag you never ever regret buying?

    Most use bag in daily life for you?

    Please share with me! Are these answers are same purse?

    Thank you !!
  2. 1. Artsy Emp in Infini

    2. None. I am very careful because I don't re-sell my bags. They're all keepers!

    3. My Artsys. Second place: My NF MM

  3. #2 question should be
    Do you have a bag that you regret buying?

    Thanks for your comment. Artsy is beauty and I would love to have one :smile: it will be my next wish list!!
  4. Speedy B
  5. 1. Delightful

    2. Love my Artsy and don't regret buying her, but she's a bit big and bulky for me. Will most likely let my daughter have her.

    3. Toss up btwn the Delightful & NF :biggrin:
  6. 1. Vernis Alma pm in bleu lagoon. Love this bag. The color is beautiful. Although this love might be replaced by emp speedy 30 soon. 😀
    2. Vernis Wilshire. I love the Pomme color but I don't carry this bag much. It's too small and bulky. Couldn't return because it was a gift from hubby. I only use this bag on valentines or during Christmas.
    3. Ikat NF. I use this bag almost everyday. Great bag for work.