The best purse in the world...

  1. [​IMG]

    The best purse ever...
    comes with a big chocolate shoe in it!


    I saw this in the Detroit airport in a little shop called "Gayle's Chocolates". I HAD to take a pic for tpf... :heart:

    Sadly, it did not get purchased since it costs $35 and it would go bad before I attempt to eat it.
  2. LOLOLOLOLOL That pretty much says it all for me! :yes:
  3. mmm chocolate
  4. Dangerous - that would be an empty bag pretty soon in this house!
  5. LOL! Awesome! LOL!
  6. Lol- reminds me of what a rip-off Chanel's clear plastic bags are.
  7. Cute!
  8. Wow, three of my favourite things lovely wrapped up, can't go wrong!. LOL
  9. Hahaha, SO true. :p
  10. love it!
  11. Ita!
  12. thats cute
    cant eat the choco though :smile: too cute.
  13. thats sooo cute! man if we ever had a TPF party... what little favors i could make! (i'm a baker and i know how to make some candies) fun fun!
  14. Yummm...