The best place to find an ink/rouge theatre/seafoam day or clutch?

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  1. I'm a newbie here so I don't know if this is enough reason to start another thread, but I am going insane over here! ;)

    I know I know, the rouge theatre is HTF...but do you ladies have any advice? Just keep reloading eBay like a fiend, hoping something will turn up? Is this what you guys do when you're obsessing over something on your wishlist?

    Maybe I'm SOL...these seem like colours that people reallly hold on to, and understandably so!
  2. Thanks so much, lady!
  3. Good luck!!
  4. I scored a Rouge Theatre City that i'll have forever. I just love that color. I say your best get is eBay.
  5. heh, i'm so jealous. whenever i see your girls' bags in that colour i just can't look away.
  6. Don't give up! I found my Rouge Theatre and Ink Days on ebay, both lovely and authentic,within the past few months. :yahoo:
  7. Please take a minute or two to read the forum rules before making a second post.

    Thanks !
  8. ^^NOT allowed!! Sorry.
  9. Wow...u are lookin at those past-seasons bbag...i guess the best place to find them is in ebay...good luck for ur search......:smile:
  10. There is a RT city on ebay right now for a pretty low price although I am not sure if it has been authenticated. If it is authentic, the bidding may go up significantly as the auction is ending.

  11. Follow up-- this bag has been authenticated.
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: