The best place(s) to buy a men's bag?

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  1. Hi there everyone.

    What (physical/bricks & mortar, preferably) stores would you recommend to a dude searching for a nice mid to upper-tier men's bag? Something awesome.

    So far I've seen the best selection at my local Barneys New York, but they just halved their selection (one whole shelf unit and a large table are GONE in Co-Op), and for some reason my store seems to stock mostly conservative styles (I remember seeing Tod's, MbMJ, Jack Spade, Ferragamo...oh yeah, and a couple Rag & Bone).

    I won't say anymore at this point, so as not to unduly influence peoples. :smile:
  2. Check out Saks on 5th
  3. man's bag? i really like PS1 for men. :P
  4. What? Like a European Shoulder Bag? LOL...j/k
  5. The local Saks Fifth Avenue here has the worst selection. They have like two or three Gucci tan monogram bags, and that's it. They also barely have any wallets (Prada, Emporio Armani, and not much else).

    Our Off 5th doesn't seem to carry men's bags.

    Actually I am thinking more of a messenger bag, as it would be holding my new tablet computer. :biggrin:
  6. The only place I can think of that hasn't been mentioned and you might have a shot at is Louis Vuitton. Good luck!