The BEST Pasta Sauce in a Jar!!

  1. Okay, I've turned all of my family & friends on to this one....jarred pasta sauce. Weird but this is true, this is coming to you from an Italian who along mother always insist on home made sauce. But with 2 kids under the age of 3, I haven't the time or patience to slave over a sauce anymore. So, I tried this sauce out of a jar and everyone (my mom included) loves this sauce.

    It is....(drum roll please) Victoria's Tomato & Basil sauce. I also buy the marinara sauce & use it to make chicken parm.

    Well, that's it...If I could scream it out to the world from the top of the Empire State Building I would. I feel sad for anyone who isn't in on my secret find. ;)
  2. Where can you buy it? Regular grocery stores?
  3. LOl at Jar sauce.
  4. Is this it??
  5. I still love Ragu Traditional.
  6. I'll definately have to look for this. Thanks!
  7. me too.
    I'm always up for something new though.
  8. Okay, here is the link to the manufacturer's site to see what the jar looks like. I buy this in the states at local grocery stores. So far its been found in A&P, Shop Rite and Stop & Shop grocery stores. It does run $5.99 a jar but you can usually find it on sale for $4.99 and when it does go on sale, it is usually on sale for close to a month - so I stock up on rain checks when the store is out of it.

    Its worth every cent. :tup:

    Here is the link:

    (I couldn't open the link above that someone posted - sorry!)
  9. I only use a few jar sauces, one being the Seeds of Change Organic sauce, whatever the 4-cheese or cheese one is!
  10. Definitely gonna try it! It's got to be worth it at that price lol. I'm a Ragu girl too, but willing to try!
  11. I looove this sauce! I got the jar once at the grocery and then went and bought the huge plastic jug in BJ's the next day!!! (BJ's is like Costco or Price Club in the East Coast.)

    I love how the sauce always tastes like it's freshly made.

    I am also a big fan of Rao's Puttanesca. =)
  12. I'll have to try this when DH is out of town. . . .
    I married into a VERY Italian family, bad news is I don't cook and DH grew up having 3 homecooked meals/day 360 days/year! It's a big deal when they "eat on the outside"
    I make his family's marinara recipe when I cook Italian for him, but man it would be nice not having to simmer that gravy all day and not to have to gather all those ingredients!
  13. ooh la la
    love making pasta
    ive been itching to make ziti
    this would be good for it
  14. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious.... "eat on the outside..." sounds dangerous!! lol
  15. My favorite is Paul Newman's. But I will try Victoria's if I see it.