The best panty for pregnancy-actually for anytime!

  1. Since I got pregnant, I have been wearing the underwear that I wore when I wasnt pregnant but time flies and i am getting bigger so I was on the hunt for better panties-but i still want them to be cute and comfortable and possibly for use later on. So I found these called "hanky panky"-they sell them in Cusp and Saks and I am sure other places as well but they are absolutely the best in the world. The original thong is by far the most comfortable thong ever!

    Just wanna share with you ladies my find of the day ;)
  2. I totally agree, I bought so many hanky panky undies when I was pregnant. They are super comfy, stretchy and you can wear them post-partum too.
  3. ITA, I wore them during my pregnancy and didn't find them binding at all. When Nordstrom had a sale on them I bought every black pair they had.
  4. Ohhh..I'm going to have to check them out. I'm still in my regular thongs but need to switch to cotton underwear now that it's getting harder to walk.
  5. Do you ladies wear hanky panky thongs or do they have a panty version?
  6. i think they come in low rise thong and regular thong. they arent really thongs because the back does cover some of the butt's really comfortable. i am not really a thong person but i got used to them..
  7. I got the maternity undies at old navy and they are super cheap and comfy...
  8. I love Hanky Pankys. I've been wearing them for years as non-preggie underwear, since I read about them in the Wall Street Journal, if you can believe that. I was wondering if they'll work as I get bigger, and was figuring they would, since they sit low. I would recommend the regular over the low-rise, though -- I find the low-rise to be a little too low and to have more of that regular thong, not as comfy feeling. They come in so many cute colors too.
  9. Oh man, when I was pregnant the last thing that I wanted to wear was a thong!