the best online shopping moment ever...

  1. when you get a shipment of stuff that you've ordered and never seen in real life and you love ALL of it!

    i just got my shipment from the Shopbop sale, and i got three things from three brands that i don't already have pieces from (and therefore, don't know how they fit), and i love all three things to death! look at what i got:

    vince cashmere sweater dress:
    (adorable with a wide patent belt)

    this Love YAYA top in a dark purple color that they've since run out of (i might order more, it fits perfectly!)

    this silk ella moss dress in navy (it looks black, but that's fine with me - also looks great with a patent belt).

    yaaaaay! i'm so pleased with the stuff i'm going to make a second order!
  2. amanda, those are SUPER cute!!!! ive been eyeing those also, good to hear they fit so well....
  3. Love the cashmere dress!! So cute!!
  4. Great buys, amanda. Both dresses are adorable! :nuts:
  5. The sweater dress is TDF...glad to hear you love everything!!
  6. Oooh, love the Ella Moss dress. Glad you like your online is tricky like that sometimes.
  7. they're all adorable!