The Best Music You're Not Listening To

  1. I just received a gift certificate to itunes, and I don't know what songs I want. So I thought I'd start a game here.

    Everyone has a few artists that they love that aren't quite mainstream yet. Tell me the best musical artist/band you're listening to right now that you don't think a lot of people have heard of.

    I'll go first with my new found love. Hope everyone hasn't heard of them yet:

    The Fray

    Where you've heard them: Their song "How to Save a Life" has been played on Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs in the past few weeks. Since then they've been getting massive radio play.

    Songs to (legally) download: How to Save a Life, Over My Head & She Is.

    Who they sound like: Coldplay (sorta)

    All right ladies and gents. Give me some new music to listen to! My ipod and I will love ya for it.
  2. The National.
    Their latest album, "Alligator," should be available on iTunes if you're still looking for stuff to download. I'd recommend the songs Lit Up and The Geese of Beverly Road.
    Also, the Sondre Lerche album "Two-Way Monologue" is 10 kinds of awesome. That's also on iTunes. I'd recommend the title track and Stupid Memory off of that one.

    I'd put a description for both of those recommendations, but I'm really bad at describing music. Just go listen to the 30-second samples and see for yourself!
  3. The Strokes-First Impressions, Clap your hands and say yeah, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, oh and Alkaline Trio-Crimson