The Best Minkette Birthday Gift

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  1. PLEASE NOTE: I CANNOT disclose how my DH managed to do this, mostly because most details were purposely obscured from I wouldn't be able to tell you simply because I do not know. Anyways, my husband arranged a trip to NYC for me to celebrate my 30th birthday (which was in June). And I thought that was an incredibly great gift as is...he drops a hint that we have an appointment today at 3 but doesn't know how long it will take...
  2. Then he calls up to "Jess"...
  3. :nuts: This sounds like it's going to be good!!
  4. Ohhh...then what?
  5. ...and I look at the Directory and as the elevator opens up to a cute blonde with glasses, I catch "REBECCA MINKOFF LLC".
  6. Happy belated birthday! When was your birthday? My 30th was on June 21!
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    On the surface, I looked like: :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    But on the inside: :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    btw Mine was June 13. Happy belated birthday!!!!
  8. Oh. This sounds sweet! Happy Birthday and is there more to the story?
  9. What a great DH! What happened @ the appt?
  10. hahaha :popcorn:
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    Happy Belated Birthday! o.m.g!
  12. ...what else happened? :nuts:
  13. So sorry, my laptop's wireless got screwy. Here are shots from my showroom visit. Some samples of tasseled darlings, zippered clutches, and a rainbow of mini minis. I didn't get a good shot (since it was a surprise, I only took iPhone pics) of my fave preview item, a black devote with zippered belts (bottom shelf below the mini minis)

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  14. holy crap! :faint:
  15. wowwww this indeed is the best birthday gift a minkette could ever receive :yes: