The Best Marshalls/Saks Off 5th/NM Last Call in LA?

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  1. Hey I'm going to LA on vaca soon and was wondering which discount stores where the best to hit while I'm down there?

    I'll be in at Orange, right beside the Block so yeah, which are good?
    Which ones usually have good/high end items?!

    Please include some other cool/awesome deal stores!

    Thanks =)
  2. Theres a Off Saks at the block your going to be right next to that has decent merchandise but its basically a hit or miss there...for me anyways...the most high end I think I have seen there is prada but they do have a pretty decent designer denim collection as well as sunglasses, I recently just got Burberry shades there and lovin em!!

    You might want to visit South Coast Plaza which is about a 15 min drive from the block (its huge) and has a fairly decent nordstrom rack at metro point which is right across the street that carries its own designer department (anything from mike and chris to burberry, st john, lanvin, prada, gucci, and other high end designer clothing) They are having new arrivals next week so if you come next week around there you will probably find some great stuff~

    The barneys COOP at south coast plaza has some manolos and miu mius as well as marc jacobs shoes on sale I think around 40-50% off right now...

    The Macys at SCP is also I think one of the best Macys around there because it is more high end than most Macys, carrying high end merchandise from shoes and purses to apparel (the womens section has everything from Marc by Marc, Theory, Rachel Pally, designer denim, etc--I just picked up a theory dress $200+ down to $50 a couple weeks ago, but you have to dig through the racks)

    Another place you might want to check out is Loehmanns in Long Beach...from the Block it will probably take you about 20 mins...again hit or miss and they also have a larger one in Irvine as well (their designer denim selection is awesome!)

    If you do get a chance to drive around, san diego area has a great selection at mission valley, I always see marc jacobs, prada, sometimes gucci, kooba, etc at the Off Saks Fifth there, as well as a bunch of clothing and shoes...the Nordstrom Rack at mission valley is also newly renovated so the organization is a lot better but its a hit or miss there...on the good days I have seen marc jacobs, chloe, and lots of LAMB there, but their shoe selection is pretty good. Nordstrom Rack and Off Saks is right across the street from each other so that is pretty convenient.

    If you head up to the LA county area, I think there is a tjmaxx with a runway section (meaning they have high end designer stuff) that I think has a pretty decent clothing selection but handbags is always pretty meager besides your usual Dooney...

    Two outlets you might want to check out...again if you can drive there is Cabazon (probably about and hour+ drive from Orange and Carlsbad premium outlets): Cabazon selection is better I think because it has: Barneys outlet, Gucci, Prada, miu miu, True Religion, Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, can see their directory listing here

    Im not a Marshalls frequenter but there are several in the OC/LA area that you can look up on their website...

    Sorry it is a bit jumbled but wasnt sure exactly what kind of stuff you were lookin for...
  3. thanks soooo much i'll definitely be checking some of those places out =D
  4. Also, I think the Loehmann's in Beverly Hills is the best one I've been to. They have a huge handbag section, and usually atleast some designer brands on hand.

    The Nordstrom Rack in the Valley across from Topanga Mall also usually has really good stuff.

    Topanga Mall is also a really good mall to check out it has alot, from Tiffany's and Burberry to H&M and Zara and Mango.
  5. ^^^ I find that location to be the best as well. You can usually find Chloe, dolce gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and other high end designer bags at that NR.

    There is also a Loehmanns up the street from there( victory and Tampa),which is pretty decent. Although the one in Beverly hills is better!
  6. I'm an Orange County bargain shopper, and I have to agree with everything softee bee wrote.

    You'll be very close to the Block, which is an entertainment/shopping area. There is a Steve and Barry's there if you want to check out SJP's clothing line. The Off Fifth there is OK at best. I've seen some MJ, Botkier, and Prada bags there.

    The nearest LC would probably be the one in San Diego, right by the Mexican border. That is also hit or miss, but it is at an outlet mall. There is a JCrew outlet, Bath and Body Works outlet, and some other stores I can't remember.

    Definitely check out South Coast Plaza. It is like shopping on Rodeo Drive, but it's much closer to you and parking is a lot easier. You'll find every luxury brand represented there- there is a HUGE Louis Vuitton store, the Bloomingdales is beautiful... definitely check it out on Google.

    The Nordstrom Rack is across the street. This store features a designer boutique. I bought Manolos for $109 and Chie Miharas for $79. Lots of denim.

    Good luck and happy shopping!
  7. the nordstrom rack you're talking about is across from south coast plaza or?
    lol i got confused but i def. wanna check that out.
  8. Hi there,

    The NR is in the Metro Pointe plaza which is in separate plaza from SCP. Although close, its not in the mall.

    Nordstrom Rack Metro Pointe at South Coast (#338)

    901 South Coast Drive
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    (714) 751-5901

    Hope you score some great deals on your trip!~

  9. The NR is right across the street in a plaza called metro point, you cant miss it-the part of south coast plaza its right in front of is where macys/macys men is
  10. you are actually not going to be very close to la.... scp is probably a lot closer and i know there are some good deals around the oc (as stated in previous posts)

    the off fifth outlet is deff a hit or miss but has some gucci bags and LOTS of sunglasses and denim all at decent prices
    i have never been to tj maxx and marshalls isnt that great here unless you need denim
  11. have fun visiting LA!! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time.
  12. Just had to agree that the Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza IS absolutely beautiful.