The Best Man Bag???

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  1. Hi all!
    My husband is finally joining in my love for LV :smile:. He's interested in purchasing his very first & would like a messenger/cross body style bag in classic monogram.
    So, my question is for you fellas: which is your favorite/least favorite & why?
    Many thanks for any advice!
  2. The keepall b in 45 is a great start!
  3. Does he want something to carry around in the city/work or that can be used to travel? Or both?

    For casual use:
    Porte-Document Voyage GM

    And Keepall 45 for dual use. :smile:
  4. My DBF loves the district!
  5. +1 was going to say the exact same thing! And maybe a Keepall 55 Bandouliere if he is on the tall side
  6. Thank you for the ideas!
    It would definitely be used more as casual bag-work, outings, but not really for travel (yet!).
    I was thinking abbesses or district...any pros/cons to either?
  7. I love the keepall I think they are FAB!!!
  8. Do you know which size he has & how tall your dbf is?
    My husband is 6'3", muscular build. He, unfortunately, works ridiculous hours & can't easily get to the boutique to try on different sizes :/

    Thank you for the recommendation!
  9. Thank you!
    He is in the tall side---6'3".

    I'm leaning towards the abbesses or district, I think...
  10. I don't own any of either bags...but they are on top of my wishlist! :P
    But one is magnetic flap (District) and one is something...I cannot describe the closure very well. But it has a string hoop to attach to a metal knob. (Abbesses) . :sweatdrop:
  11. I like district for messenger bag, but I prefer tote, that's why I got my tadao and it's practical.
  12. +1 on Tadao. Functional and professional looking especially in Damier Graphite.
  13. Is it strictly the classic Monogram you'r intrested in? There isn't many messengerbags for men to choose from in this particular line. I think Abbesses, Valmy and Icare would be a good choice.

    From the other lines, I woukd check out:

    -Tadao pm
  14. try the daniel or district
  15. My DBF is around that height as well and medium built. He initially got the District PM which looked absolutely ridiculous on him because it was TOO SMALL! I would suggest going at least a size up to MM, but think it looks best as a GM on taller men.