The best LV style to match skirt suits

  1. I am a very girly sort of gal ... always in dresses and skirt suits ... I wonder which LV style would be the most matching for dress and skirts suits ... I like the speedy monogram for its sweet look and it definitely can match but I am looking for one that I can shoulder sling as I usually need to bring along my lap top, and carrying the laptop bag with the speedy can be quite a chore ...

    any suggestion for a nice shoulder carry LV bag? preferably in monogram :p TIA!
  2. beverly mm or beverly xxl. i think the design is very feminine and would suit dresses and skirts. or the tulum pm. lastly, the sologne or babylone.

    hope this helps:tup::tup::tup::tup:
  3. Neverfull MM, Hampstead Damier, Damier Uzes
  4. I agree with BagNuts, the beverly would be a good one for you.
  5. Beverly MM is sooo classy. One of my fav mono bags so far :tup:

    It should hold just about as much as the Speedy 25.
  6. I'd also go with the Beverly.
  7. im girly gorly too and i love my speedy. if you carry a lap top then how about a sac plat. you can fit a pochette in it with all of your essentials too.