The best LV in NYC (Leaving on FRI 2/16)

  1. For those who either live in or frequent NYC which LV is the best? I have very limited time and I want to go the the flagship store on 57th but I also want to see bags and dont want to go if im going to fell like a tourist and have to wait a long time to see stuff.

    Also which shopping street is the best (for window shopping.) and has the most high end stores. I know the best one in Canada is Bloor St. and Chicago is Michigan Ave, but NYC has so many.

    Madison 5th Park ave?
  2. I would say 5th ave... theres too many, 5th Ave is great, but a tad bit expensive.. I go to one in White Plains, its Westchester, out of the city, I find it like a few dollars cheaper
  3. I didn't like the service I got at the 5th ave store...
  4. I like Soho
  5. Are there other high end stores in soho. I only have like 3-4 hours to shop. I know, right! I'm pissed.:cursing:
  6. I live on long island, ny. But when I go to the city, soho is fantastic! They are indeed high end stores in soho, very hip and funky as well. There is a prada, christian louboutin, marc jacobs and many others. I think you would like going to soho, rather than 5th ave., which is usually very crowded and touristy.
  7. Thanks.
  8. There are also high end stores in SoHo, it's true, but I think it might be easier to go to the one of 57th since basiacally ALL the stores are on that strip. Besides, being that the 57th street store is the flagship store, they have waaaaay more items on display than the one in SoHo. Don't get me wrong, I love ths SoHo store, that's the one that I go to, but on 57th street alone, there's Prada, Gucci, Tiffany in basically a 1-2 block radius!

    (i also don't know where all the other stores in SoHo are located though. :sweatdrop: )
  9. americana manhasset. small than the 5th ave store, much more personal. friendly SA's and a lot of other great stores such as Gucci, Fendi, D&G, Burberry and much much more!!!

    Americana Manhasset for a list of all the wonderful stores!
  10. Thanks i found a great site for shipping in NYC. I'm going to walk up madison 5th and 57th b/c all the stores are so close. No baleciaga but o well.

    Here the site.
    Go to the shopping map part.
  11. I really like the Soho store, but for all of you who go 5th as well, how would you say the selection/availabiliy of items at Soho vs 5th?

    I mean 5th ave has everything, but each time i've been in there it does seem like kind of a big market with tourists roaming around and not such personal service (just think of all the rich and wealthy oil shieks buying for their 20 wives...versus little me . . .:shame:

  12. Madison is good for the window shopping, starting around 58th Street.

    As far as LV's, go to the flagship once you're ready to buy but go to Bloomingdale's to actually check them out.

    I've always had good service at the 5th Ave store, opposed to the SoHo location, but I avoid the 5th Ave store on weekends.
  13. LV Soho is the place to go if you really want to shop-less crowded than the flagship store.
  14. bloomingdales is the best imo opinion for sevice but their selection is limited. you might want to go to 5th ave since they have everything. it can be very crowded and the service is iffy. i am not a fan of the Saks store but i love Saks in general and you might want to go there too as it's walking distance from the 5th ave store. soho is fab but it can be hard to find the cool places - it's not like 5th ave where everything is on a strip. for limited time i would walk 5th ave so you can also see st patrick's and rockerfeller center, etc.

    have fun and enjoy my city! lol. i'm a born and raised nyer. if you need restaurant suggestions let me know.