The best little black bag from Chanel?

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  1. Hi gals! I'm usually over at the Bal forum, but I'd like to venture out and get a lovely Chanel bag for nights out.

    Any Chanel suggestions for a smallish black shoulder bag (I need a strap/chain) with Silver hardware?

    Thanks so much!:heart::heart:
  2. I would recommend the wallet on the chain, it's lovely. You can find pictures from the reference library.
  3. how about a Medium flap?
  4. Thanks, Orchidlady! I found this one, but I can't see the inside or see measurements... can it fit a cell phone, lipstick and keys?... and it's available with silver hardware?[​IMG]
  5. Camila evening bag is beeeeautiful!!! I always use it when i go out.. but its in g/h... but take a look anyways... it may change your mind to go for a g/h!
  6. Hi Kimalee -

    I just found a pic of the:

    medium 2.55 double flap in black lambskin, silver hw

    Is that the one you are talking about (I'm sorry - not quite down with the Chanel lingo yet.:smile:)?

    If so, it looks really beautiful and classic!
  7. what about the patent reissue with gold chain in 227?
    here's mine for example...
  8. How about a black east west.
  9. i would say between the mini flap or the WOC. They can all be worn messanger style and available in caviar with SHW. The other one that i have and really would recommend is the classic small flap with the camellia flower on top except it's either satin or lambskin with GHW. let us know what you decide :P
  10. I second the black east west. I like the black classic flap too but it is a bit pricey now if you're only going to use for nights out here and there. The chain is adjustable too. You dont have to worry about caviar with drinks around, etc. It wears like iron but always looks nice. Here is mine with gold HW.

  11. Totally agree with the e/w for evening, its a fab size.
    I also love the mini flap in lambskin :smile:
  12. Yep, that's the one! It also comes in caviar if you want something a bit more durable. A true classic, and you can use it during the day as well!:tup:
  13. I'd totally get the Wallet on Chain! SO cute worn messenger style, or wrap the straps and wear it under your arm or tuck the chain in and use as a clutch! :biggrin:
  14. The Medium Classic Flap. Perfection!