The BEST leather of the season... My Sandstone GH Brief!!

  1. After searching for a while, finally I made my decision to go for sandstone as it's no hope on getting the bright colours of the season (VG & FB). Then I run a thread on which style should I get. Actually many of you here suggest me to go for a WORK! But, when I tried on the work at Bal, it didn't shine on me. May be that day I wore a short tunic dress which perfectly match with the dressy shape of the brief... And YES my decision is "Sandstone GH Brief"!!! :yahoo:

    First of all, let me thanks to Erica, she did help me on my final decision through a lot of conversations... and also get me the most gorgeous bag with the best leather of the season!! :cutesy::tender:

    Here we go.... I just took these photo in this very minute and then my camera has run out of battery! So I have only a few pic to show now... will take some more soon! :heart::yahoo::yahoo::heart:

    All these photo taken indoor, 2 shown with lighter shade were taken with flash and 1 darker shade without flash.
    resizedDSC04093.JPG resizedDSC04095.JPG resizedDSC04094.JPG
  2. Congrats, so beautiful!!!!!
  3. :nuts: congrats on your beautiful sandstone! IMO, GH looks the best in bigger bags and in lighter colors, so you made the perfect choice :heart:. enjoy her!
  4. :tup:Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!!
  5. She's gorgeous! I agree, Sandstone leather is certainly up there for the best of the season. Good work. Erica rocks!
  6. Thanks so much for all your compliments... Because of all your PFer's great info that brought me to this great decision! I still can't move my jaw up now!

    Let me add some more photo that Erica took from this bag for me... her photo skill is obviously better than mine. Now you see what I meant by the best leather right? :drool:
    DSC03910.JPG DSC03911.JPG DSC03912.JPG
  7. Congrats! Great choice! She's GORGEOUS!:drool:
  8. Oo, it's so stunning and the leather is gorgeous. I have a brief too and I love the look of it. Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous color and the leather does look amazing! Congrats ... can't wait to see modeling pics!
  10. Sandstone with gold GH is one of my favourite colour combinations.

    I love the leather too. From all the 07 bbags, I like that kind of leather finish the best (Erica's shot) - where it has the large/oversized distressing, almost like a quilted pillow effect.
  11. so beautiful. Congrats. Erica is great also very patient with me when I ask about colors and leathers
  12. All I can say is GORGEOUS!
  13. Gorgeous - makes me want one too!
  14. Very nice choice! The sandstone looks fabulous with the GH.
  15. Oh my, that is BEAUTIFUL! :drool:

    I have the Sandstone First from Erica and the leather is just as scrummy! Congrats! :yahoo: