the best kind of question to ask

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tad's next bag should be...

  1. black carla

  2. black quilted rio

  3. coral little stam

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. which to buy? ;)

    black carla

    beige quilted rio

    coral little stam


    i spoke to roboto about this earlier, and she said it came down to whether i wanted something practical that i'll be sure to get lots of use out of (carla, rio) or something cute, fun, and pretty that'll make me happy to look at. i'm stumped!
  2. I voted black quilted rio but the pic is beige. Do you like beige or black? LOVE this bag either way!
  3. d. all of the above?:P
  4. i voted for the quilted rio though. practical use but fancy!
  5. whoops! i meant to put beige in the poll. sorry.
  6. Quilted Rio
  7. Rio for me as well! It seems much more put together than the Carla and I can see the Rio being used for both more casual and dressy outfits.
  8. another vote for the rio!
  9. I say rio--you've already got a black bag with a long strap (Kate). But I also think the coral stam is super cute, and will be great year round as a fun weekend bag so, I actually choose

    Coral Little Stam!!!
  10. I agree with Sarah on this one. You already have the Kate and the Bruna, which is kind of similar to the Rio. The Little Stam would be so much fun!
  11. Im the lone voter for the carla. I cant get enough of that bag.
  12. I love both Quilted Rio AND Carla. They're both on my wishlist! Sorry, I'm no help!
  13. Coral Little Stam!! With Spring just around the corner this little guy will be perfect!
  14. I'm with Awwgeez on this one. Love the Carla. I'm a sucker for a new twist on a classic!
  15. tad, I think the Little Stam would be a great addition to your collection and the Coral is such a fun color to have. I'm not a fan of the Carla and the Rio is very much similar to your Bruna, so, Little Stam it is! :tup: