the BEST iPhone case EVER!!!

  1. So i finnnnnally decided that i needed something for my iPhone, went to gucci they didnt have anything so I went to LV to pick up the iPhone case...BUT it's not released until october :sad: boooo! (i know i know it's only a day away, but still when i want something i WANT it! lol)

    So after trying on a lot of different options (my SA called me goldy locks because i was like this is to big, this is too small lol!) i found one that FIT LIKE A GLOVE! seriously it's like MADE for the iPhone!

    the Multiclés Rabat!!!

    i love that it has the little clip that you can just clip to your bag and have your phone on you ALWAYS and it's actually closed unlike the iPhone case that will come out monday!

    But if anyone tries it for thier phone REMEBER to use the FRONT pocket for it, the BACK pocket is very tight but the front has more give and omg it fits so well!!

    here's a stock pic from elux, ill try to take some pics if anyone wnats to see it :smile:
  2. im glad it fit! i was trying to stuff my iphone into the business card holder in epi in the store and it was like a centimeter too small. i didnt want to stretch it out. lol. but i wasnt sure if i wanted the iphone case b/c it doesnt have a closure. how lame. do you know the price of the iphone cases?
  3. darn, can't see the pic - elux says it's out of stock. guess someone took your suggestion? lol. please post pics!! I'm interested to see..
  4. ooh I wonder if that would for the iPod Touch also?
  5. That's a nice case for it!
  6. Here it is

  7. Congrats!
  8. cool, congrats!
  9. Are there any pictures of what the inside looks like?
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats!!!
    [I want an iPhone so bad..]