The best invention EVER for those who treasure their bags!

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  1. Introducing my "handbag hook"

    It's gold with Swarovski Crystals all over so it.

    Now I dont have to worry about where I am going to put my Balenciaga next time I am out!

    Pics attached of it in action with my Rouge Vif City...
    Bag Hook.jpg 100_1831.jpg 100_1832.jpg
  2. What a tremendous idea... how much is that? I need one LOL
  3. They not expensive at all!

    You can pick them up from as little as $10 each

    Mine was a little more expensive than that, but it is worth it!
  4. I have them and they are fabulous!! I got mine on eBay and they come in different colors. I got a butterfly that matches my turquoise and a red strawberry one to match my rouge.
  5. Not only is that beautiful it's a wonderful idea and you just carry it in your bag so you always have it...where did you get it....I think need one!
  6. How much weight can they handle?
  7. what are they called...bag holders?
  8. eBay is your best bet... thats where I got mine.

    My mum has some from "back in the day"... I didnt even realize that they had been around for so long!
  9. I put my fully stuffed City on it.

    I think it would vary, but they can hold a fair bit.
  10. handbag hook or bag hook
  11. thx for sharing, what a brilliant idea!
  12. Ooh, yours was a lot more cost effective than mine. Hubby got me one from pinken mint ( for Valentines Day for $90 but it works wonderfully and it's beautiful! The company is run by Rose McGowen (well known for being in Charmed) and a friend of hers. They come in several colors too.

    Susie :heart:
  13. What a great idea! :yes: Thanks for sharing.
  14. That is a really cool idea, thanks for sharing.
  15. WOW fashion.... :nuts: what a fantastic idea :yahoo: Thank you so much for sharing :flowers: - I definitely will try to get one too :yes: