The best I could do is bad

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  1. [​IMG]This is the worst photo (but the only one I could post of the Francesco Biasia "morning star, Havana brown" bag I am now in love with - The shoulder strap is very long , worn across the body and the color is very much like the IF Audra, a reddish rich tan color. Since I can't post my own photos, I am sorry not to be able to really show you the classic beauty of this bag.
  2. Very nice!!

    Is this the color you got?
  3. Cute! :P

    Been really loving brown lately.....
  4. yes, but you can't imagine how beautiful it is unless you see it person or photographed by a pro. I feel so elegant with this bag, I can't explain it, I have so many more that are so upscale but right now this is the bag of the hour - It doesn't show the long shoulder strap and my bag is bigger - they come in 2 sizes. I got the last one at Nordstrom's.
  5. :biggrin: Bjara and 613 - Thanks for showing interest so I could share my enthusiasm - I really needed that!!!!!!!
  6. That is a nice bag.:biggrin:
  7. So it has the handles, and then a longer shoulder strap as well?
  8. Awww! :smile:

    I know what you mean....I felt great after all the compliments the other day on my new bags. :love:
  9. That's a nice bag!
  10. no handles, just long shoulder strap to wear across the body - I got my first compliment on it today - It made me feel really good - I just wish someone who can post accurate photos woudl find this gem !!
  11. Is this it?
    202163207_001.jpg 202163207_002.jpg
  12. It's very close - the only difference is that the space between where the pockets end and the top of the bag is 4 inches (not reflected here, it makes a big, impressive difference!!