The best foundation+powder duo you ever tried??

  1. Hello girls!!:heart:
    Thank to you all,after reading the best mascara thread i fell in love with the great "DIORSHOW" doubt the best i ever tried!!:wlae: :yahoo: Now i'd like to ask you which is the best line of foundation and powder you ever tried...i have a mix skin type, oily on the T zone and dry on the rest of the face.The pores are visible as well...i've tried many different lines (milk,toner,cream,mask and scrubs),but nothing special until now...:hysteric: What do you use??A little suggestion...:drool: Thanx!!!:flowers: :love:
  2. chanel double perfection compact (combination powder/foundation)
  3. Foundation: used to be Lancome's maqui libre but it's discontinued :crybaby: .
    A close 2nd and growing on me is their Adaptive foundation...

    I only use loose powder and a large brush to whisk most of it off. I never use pressed powder - too cakey and wax-y on me.

    The best loose powder, IMO is L'Oreal's Translucide.
  4. Palido's rice powder is amazing. Only $5. It absorbs all that nasty oil that accumulates all day. You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply.

    I also hear Bare Escentuals mineral foundation is amazing for some people.
  5. I use Becca's stick foundation--mainly because they've got a GREAT color range. And then I use NARS' loose powder.
  6. Does it provide good coverage? i use their tinted moisturizer.
  7. Yep - great coverage! I don't use coverup. I swear by Chanel's Double perfection compact... the only weird thing with it is that it goes on a bit powdery and fake looking at first, so it needs about 15 mins to "set" in... after that, I look fab for the rest of the day, and it keeps the oilies at bay without oxidizing like a lot of other brands.
  8. bare escentuals bare minerals!!!!
  9. Philosophy's Airbrushed Canvas...I bought it at Sephora. It's amazing!
  10. :wlae: THE BEST EVER!!!:wlae:
  11. I use Prescriptives new Foundation in the silver case (cant remember what its called) and Mineral Veil over it. Prescriptives new Lash Envy Mascara is pretty awesome too.
  12. I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone area and normal skin everywhere else) and my makeup artist recommended using Chanel. I use Chanel Vitalumiere liquid foundation (with SPF 15) and apply on the natural finish loose powder to set the makeup. Seems to work so far and my skin doesn't break out at all. :yes:
  13. Thank you all're wonderful and helpful as always!!:nuts: :yes: That's why i asked you!!:graucho: Will write a list of those products and see which are sold in Italy too. I'm sure about Chanel and Sephora i think...;)
  14. I swear by Mac's Blot pressed powder. Keeps shine away all day long. I'm still trying to find the perfect foundation for oily skin. I'm currently using Mac foundation but I'm not super thrilled.
  15. I used to use MAC's studio tech powder followed by their blot powder but i switched to Bare Minerals. I will never ever go back to liquid makeup since i have made the switch.