The BEST Eye Creme I ever used!

  1. The brand is Molton Brown and it's called "Recovery Eye Firmlift" This is awesome on my 50yr old eyes and I can actually see the fine lines around my eyes disappear. Even my lids look better. I found it at TJ Maxx for $20 but I will be more than happy to spend the $40 it costs at Elux or any place that sells it retail. It's a must try and I have used just about everything on the market
  2. Excellent, thanks for the info ... I wonder if I should use something soon as a preventitive.
  3. Nice to know! How long before you saw changes?
  4. I would use it as a prevent but make sure you always use sunscreen around your eyes. I noticed a change within a wk of using it twice a day. It absorbs really well and you can put your makeup right over it.
  5. Very cool! Thanks for the info!!!
  6. I have really sensitive eyes/allergies. How did it do on that front? I've heard about it, but I've liked the Dior for so long...
  7. Full disclosure: I did some PR for Molton Brown recently and some of my friends work there.

    Recover eyes firmlift info page:

    MB products are formulated to present a minimal allergy risk and most people can use them. There is more info on the website. A FAQ is available in the "Molton Brown" section.

    As a regular user myself (since before I did PR), I have to say I've never had any problems with the products (I use Eye reform antipuff treatment when my eyes are tired) and have heard nothing but good reviews from friends and clients alike.
  8. I tried the products at the Molton Brown spa (Heathrow) and fell in love :love: I'm currently using the Recovery Eye Firmlift during the evening and also the lip creme... I love them (and it's great to know that they actually work :biggrin: )
  9. Does anyone know what to use for the darker area under your eyes? Im a pretty pale girl and the skin under my eye's is even lighter so it looks like i have darkness under my eye's. Any tips besides makeup?
  10. I use the eyelift morning and at night. I have never had an allergy or sensitivity problem and I'm allergic to everything! As far as anything for dark circles, I have no clue.
  11. Well thx Lorri-G and Perja for the gr8 info! I might have to check it out. I'm all about the prevention vs. treatment!
  12. ooohh....thank you for your suggestion, didn't know he had a good eyecreme! I've been using his hand lotions...lov'em! An excellent eyecreme for the DAY and under makeup (NO..flaking or sliding) is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado...Excellent!!