The Best Drug Store Beauty Product

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here so sorry if this has been posted already. Although yes we all spend $$$$ on luxe make-up, sometimes you can spend $ and feel just as good. Just curious what everyone loves from their local Duane Reade, Rite Aid, CVS, etc.

    I think Maybelline Lash Discovery is the most amazing mascara and I'll never chose any other mascara over it. The small little brush really gets to each tiny lash and extendes it to it's longest!!! It won't clump your lashes since the brush holds the perfect amount of mascara!

    What's the reason you visit your drugstore??
  2. L'oreal Lash Out and Aveeno Calming face lotion.
  3. Revlon Super Lustrous'd be perfect if I can get over the smell...but at least the smell fades fast!

    not exactly 'drugstore'...but I love Avon glimmerstick liners :smile:
  4. I just picked this up and tried it Neutrogena Weightless Volume mascara. The perfect mascara for me. Not a clump in sight! :yahoo: Gives a nice natural look to your lashes.
  5. I love the telescopic mascara by L'oriel

    I also think amazing facewash is Clean and Clear continuous Control Acne wash ! :smile:

    then i love Revlon colorstay eyeliner !!!

    and Maybelline express makeup 3 in 1
    i ALWAYS have in all my purses the clean and clear oil absorbing sheets just so that if you are shiny anywhere just pull one out and dab oilyness GONE! :smile: hehe amazing

    I feel like every time i buy $$ makeup (minus a few specific things like lip gloss and bronzer)

    i wind up going right back to my drugstore brands because i think they are better!
  6. Neutrogena care (haven't really tried the makeup). I've been using neutrogena for, ahem, 25 years or so and it's amazing.

    2nd place: bonne bell lip smacker. Yep, even at my age I love 'em.
  7. I know it's not really a cosmetic as such, but Vaseline gets my vote every time. It's brilliant!

    I also like Rimmel's white eyeliner and Bourjois' blush and 3D Effet lip-gloss.
  8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Waterproof (no clumps, holds curl, no flaking, simple but well worth your money for a natural look)

    Rimmel Vinyl lips in Eastendsnob (pale nudey lipgloss, not sticky, orange-chocolate smell)
  9. L'oreal Voluminous mascara & Purpose face wash & moisturizer.

  10. I LOVE this mascara and agree with everything you said. Also, it doesn't smudge! :heart:
  11. I have a friend who swears by Ponds Cream. I have tried it but I didn't get it & went quickly back to my Clarins.
  12. almay eye makeup remover pads, oil-free

  13. I've used this since about 1965 and have found none better. I like royal blue, and if you are a dark-eyed brunette, so should you.

    A few more:

    Vaseline Put it on your hands and feet under socks and gloves in the winter, use it as lip gloss, put it on dry, ashy arms and legs after a shower. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, mix it in good, put it in a fancy glass container and tell yourself it is the latest designer dry skin spa to the stars treatment.

    Vaseline Advanced Healing Lotion for hands, feet, whole body. It says fragrance free, and it is on Mr Puff, who also swears by it, but on me it has a very light, fresh barely-there scent.

    Wet n Wild Megaplump lip gloss It does NOT plump your lips, but it lasts as long as any of the expensive ones, has a nice texture, a pleasant cinnamon scent, and just a hint of color. And if there is one hint of color that really looks natural, fresh, and everyday good on absolutely everybody, it is their #587

    Wet n Wild Megalast Quick Dry Ultra Gloss. I think I got that name right. It does not plump your nails, but it does dry them almost instantly and serves as an excellent top coat.

    Marc Daniels Big Hair The tube says "it makes hair fat," and that is exactly what it does.

    Palladio eye pencils

    Palladio loose powder and powder tissues. Not many colors, but so light and sheer (it's rice powder) that it will work for everybody from milk to a shade or two past pecan.
  14. I don't use any drugstore makeup right now, but I have liked Cover Girl and Maybelline mascaras very much and find them to be very good. I do adore Lip Smackers though...especially in Dr. Pepper. These things rock! :kiss:

    As far as skincare, I am a very big fan of the traditional (not Regenerist) Oil of Olay anti-wrinkle night cream, Clean and Clear Blemish Patch stick (adore this product!), St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub, Crest White Strips (I have also used Go Smile and think these are just as good as them) and VO5 Hot Oil treatments. I also really like the Oil of Olay at-home microdermabrasion kit.
  15. Clean & clear oil absorbing sheets and deep pore cleansing strips!