The best deal you got this Black Friday?

  1. What is the best deal you got this Black Friday?
  2. nothing so far. :sad:
  3. I didn't go anywhere...I'm working..:yucky:...but I went to Dunking Donuts and get a BOGO free latte...does that count?? :confused1:
  4. I got a MJ Eva bag for roughly $600, its $1200 originally in black!
  5. me too! this blows!

  6. DF got a Pair of 7 for all of Mankind jeans for 30 bucks at Macys.
    I got a tokidoki shirt for 10 bucks
  7. I don't even know if it's worth it to check out Target afterwork...I need a Kitchen Aid mixer..I saw the commercial on Kohls, they had it for like $139.99 or something and they opened up at 4AM...I should have went!! ARHH!!!
  8. $1.50 for guess rings, bracelets, necklaces. i bought 10 pieces and it came up to 16 and change for everything! yay!
  9. i just placed a phone order for 2 tokidoki bag for $130 shipped!!! i am sooooo happy.
  10. wow d1000 thats a great deal for 2 tokidoki bags...where did you phone order them from??
  11. thanks to a fellow toki fan @ the toki forum.... all lesportsac outlet is having a 65% off sale for toki. i placed my order through lindsey @ southhampton. you can find the outlet number @ the lesportsac website.

  12. I got a bunch of HBO series on DVD for $14.99 from Best Buy online...the exact same price as they were at the store! Why fight the crowds when you can sit at home in your pajamas and order them??
  13. i totally agree!

  14. I scored a Toshiba laptop and printer for $229 at Best Buy! I also got a couple of AT&T prepaid go phones with $10 worth of airtime for $6 each!
  15. I didn't go out, but I shopped online and got a Nintendo wii for $249.99 shipped. Also got a Toshiba HD DVD player with 10 dvd for $159.99.