The best deal and steal ever!

  1. The purse forum of course. Lets all take a minute to thank the creators of the purse forum. Who else would we tell our purse drama to?!!!:crybaby:
  2. I'm with you on that one......Thanks a million everyone!
  3. I couldn't agree more!!
  4. I totally agree. Although my DH probably doesn't. LOL!
  5. Count me in! :yahoo:
  6. million thanks everyone!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I love it here!
  8. I love it too! Although my bank account isn't :p
  9. Such true words.:yes:
  10. You girls are right. I love it!!!:heart:
  11. So TRUE!! The coolest place on the web, and while my husband trembles with trepidation that my time hear might incite me to buy more arm candy, I just remind him of LuvsLV's 108+ collection, and say, "See honey? 25 bags is NOTHING!" :graucho:
  12. Thank you everyone! This is the most friendly and helpful place online!!!
  13. Yay to the Forum!

  14. I totally agree!
  15. Thanks everyone! I love this site!!! :yahoo: